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What are reincarnation and rebirth?


We as human beings have either accepted, denied or are curious about Reincarnation and Rebirth.    Some of us really want to know about Life after death. What happens to us and where do we go after we die? This topic has been a very engaging topic for many. People have numerous opinions about life after death.

Many people are distracted about the terms reincarnation and rebirth as they come from Hindu and Buddhist point of view.

Reincarnation is normally understood to be the assumption of another body by a permanent self or a “soul”. According to this doctrine, after the biological death, the soul transmigrates into another body.

Rebirth, means is not a “permanent self” but a form of subtle mind-stream which conjoins with a new life after the death of its previous one. This mind-stream carries within itself karmic imprints from previous births. Also, rebirth doesn’t necessarily have to be in human form, a human being can be reborn as any other sentient being, depending on the karmic cycle


Reincarnation is a Hindu belief that says every living being has an eternal soul which is their true individuality. When someone dies, this essence is shifted from the dead body to next. It means it’s perhaps the same person in the next life. Even in rare cases few people contend that they remember their past lives.

According to Hinduism, after death there are two probabilities for everyone i.e. next birth or freedom. Next birth means the same sufferings and pain again. Liberation means the end of rebirth and you are free from human existence. 

The Hindu concept of reincarnation says that souls exist and they have a purpose to develop. Souls have the choice to reincarnate into various experiences. 

The soul concerns nothing and it has everything pre planned. Reincarnation has a beginning and an end.

Rebirth is a Buddhist morality that says nothing is ever stable there. Rebirth is one of the four analytical ideologies of Buddhism along with moksha, nirvana and karma. They disagree with the idea of a permanent soul that transfers from one body to another. Buddhism believes that it’s just the results of their good or bad actions in this life which transfers to the next life. The next life can be somewhat related to this one but not virtually the same. 

Buddhism obstructs the idea of the presence of an eternal soul. Buddhism believes that a person is made of mind and matter. Matter is a phenomenon of four forces including earth, air, water and fire. They consider the mind as the most important element of a person.  

When a person dies and is born again, neither is entirely the same not completely different. Basically they define it as a continuity of a particle’s vitality flux only. It reveals just a simple connection between the past life and next life. Buddha contended that karma affects the future sufferings through the infinite cycle of rebirth and nirvana is the way to end the cycle of rebirth.

To conclude-

Both reincarnation and rebirth are about the relation between previous life and next birth. These are two different opinions about life after death. Both of these terms provide an absolutely different viewpoint towards the life after death.

Reincarnation is the persistence of an individual’s soul and personality in a body to another, it is not the continuance of a person. Rebirth is the continuity of karmic impulses (karma) from one life to another. Buddhism says that life persists after death.

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