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5 advice by Dalai Lama for all human beings


Dalai Lama is Political and spiritual leader of Tibetan people in exile. He has won Noble peace prize. Dalai Lama has some suggestions for all human beings who are looking for happiness and peace in any circumstances.

Here are 5 advice from Dalai Lama for all human beings who wants to live a happy and peaceful life.

Work on compassion and build it for yourself:

Dalai Lama advice to work on your compassion by creating it for yourself. He says that feeling of happiness is more about your own mental attitude. Be credible and moral about how you feel. He believes that if we work on learning more about ourselves and conceal our drawbacks and what we are, then we can be happier. If you can be gracious about yourself, it’s simpler to feel kindness for others. Typically, when we have compassion for someone that means we can recognize and validate someone’s pain. When you do that, eventually you develop caring and kind behavior for that person. Dalai Lama concludes that less self judgment brings satisfactory health in human beings.

Take time to think

If you take time to think about what you are experiencing, it’s easier to feel compassion. He says that even 10 to 15 minutes of meditation can help your thinking process. Meditation alters your physical brain to help you better control the stress and enhance your feelings of sympathy. Longer meditation sessions (more than 30 minutes) can improve your mood, attention span and memory. When you think more deeply, you start o recognize that nothing exists as it seems to be. Take time to reflect your feelings and negative emotions will become thinner and thinner.

Don’t let your anger overpower your thoughts

Anger is natural but if you get angry at unnecessary things or your anger is dominating your thoughts, it’s time to control it. Constant feeling of anger can lead to strokes, heart issues, overeating, insomnia, depression and early death. Constant anger is greatly bad for your health. He says, try to keep your compassion continuously in mind and stays enclosed by sympathetic people, it will lessen your anger and boost your health. Hold your sufferings with compassion and love.


Be Kind and help others

Dalai Lama says, the tip to happiness is to be kind to others. If you are kind to others then you can keep up your happiness and self confidence in any situation. You can simply be a helping hand to others, like hearing others when they are troubled. When you act like a good listener to upset people, it enrich your feeling of well being and diminish your stress. When you help others, it prevent depression and you feel socially more connected.

Behave like a kid

Dalai Lama says children are very truthful and they accept the people without any judgement. Behave like children and be cheerful. Basic human nature is compassionate. Kids don’t care about their religion, nationality and family background. Your joyful and childlike behavior can bring those childhood feelings back. Playful behavior means more positive relationships and life satisfaction. Practice it and you will feel healthier and happier.

I have shared 5 advice from Dalai Lama for all human beings. Make an effort and try to follow these advice in your life and trust me, you will get immense satisfaction and happiness in your life. Consider these advice and you can make a real difference how you feel. 

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