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6 Best Incense for Relaxing Your Mind


Incense is usually referred to as a divine and sacred product. Incense is burned to produce fragrance. It is believed that the aromatic and intense scent of the incense is appreciated by gods. Anciently the incense was to purify the houses, keep the evil spirits away and during the religious events.

Later it is recognized that incense is also beneficial to overcome anxiety, depression and relax the minds. These are made from plant-based aromatic materials. Incense comes in many forms including sticks, powders, cones, and coils.

Incense is of various types including benzoin incense, Ladan incense, cedarwood incense, storage incense, and sandalwood incense. Today there are countless types of incense that you can use depending on your choice and requirement.

Incense is not just a fragrance producing substance but also comforting, soothing and therapeutic. Certain aromas in different types of incense can reduce stress and anxiety. Burning some soothing incense create a relaxing atmosphere that helps calm down your mind. 

The aromas released by burning incense stimulate the olfactory nerves of mind. This stimulation positively impacts your emotional, psychological and physical state. Certain incense calm anxiety, reduce stress, help with insomnia and provide better sleep.

Incense burning is helpful in reducing tension, headaches, and stress due to its calming and relaxing properties. The incense fragrance normalizes the heart rate and works as a muscle relaxer. Ingredients of incense activate the brain channels to relax your mind and elevate mood.

Following are 6 best incenses for relaxing your mind:

White Sage:

White sage incense has a beautiful fragrance. White sage is used for sacred, purifying and cleansing purposes. White sage incense releases lingering energies. When you burn white sage incense it makes you feel clearer, boosts positive energy, ignites mental acuity and restores intuitive balance. All these benefits contribute to relaxing your mind.


Sandalwood is the most valuable wood and most used incense in the world. It produces an excellent scent that encourages the feeling of peace, calm and well being. Sandalwood incense comes in a variety of forms. You can burn sandalwood incense for a quieter and warmer sense of relaxation. It is believed that it can help you get rid of negative energies and thoughts. It also heals emotional trauma, restores inner balance and calms the mind. Whenever you feel like you want to clear your mind you should try sandalwood incense.


Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. Just go for lavender incense if you want to get the best sleep ever and wake up revitalized. The fragrance of lavender refreshed your mind, body, soul and leave you very calm. It is the best option to reduce stress and anxiety as it calms your nerves. If you burn lavender incense before bed, you will get the most blissful and longer sleep. It can also help alleviate insomnia. Make sure you burn a single stick at a time because the lavender is quite powerful.


Usually, chamomile is associated with tea. It aids digestion and relaxation. If you burn chamomile incense at your home it will bring peaceful energy in your home. It can make you feel more grounded if you feel uneasy or overwhelmed. It inspires warmth and contentment. The fresh delightful scent of chamomile has a positive impact on your brain. Chamomile incense can make you feel cozy and nice. 


Jasmine improves mood. It can make you happier by just inhaling. Jasmine has calming properties and it helps in easing depression and contribute to relaxation.  Burning a jasmine incense help you feel happy and uplifted. It is believed that when you use jasmine you attract the people with appealing personalities. It can help you get rid of negative energies and relationships and attract more positivity in your life.


Lemongrass is a happy fragrance. When you burn lemongrass incense it lifts your mood and boosts the feeling of happiness. Whenever you feel low and need some motivation to use lemongrass incense and you will see the improvements instantly. Lemongrass has a fresh citrus fragrance that alleviates stress and eases anxiety. When you inhale lemongrass incense it makes you feel revitalized and uplifts you that help you feel good about yourself. Lemongrass scent has many powers that inspire you to meditate and you feel emotionally balanced.


When you burn pine incense it melts away the stress and you feel like you are walking through a quiet, shady forest. It can help combat depression, reduce anxiety and improve the feeling of relaxation. You can burn the pine incense anytime as it can offer a calming effect throughout the year. So, when you feel stressed you can relax, get on track and gather your thoughts by burning pine incense.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are very common and widespread these days. Burning some incense can help you deal with these problems. Incense is smoky yet produces pleasant aromas. Their aromas can trigger sensations of calm or happy memories which can help you relax your mind and boost your immune system. You can try these out to take advantage.

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