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Beauty Inside and Outside


From the dawn of time, humans have always been drawn to things that they find aesthetically appealing. From things in nature like flowers and shiny rocks to the invention of jewelry or enormous monuments like the Taj Mahal, humans have always been captivated by things of beauty

Unfortunately, outer beauty has somehow become equated to the nature of an object and this false link has made us obsess about outer beauty. We must remember that beauty is a feeling that can be expressed in many different ways. Inner beauty is just as appealing as outer beauty and sometimes even more! When we focus on feeling beautiful inside and outside we can understand how to be our most beautiful authentic selves. 

Nurturing our Inner Beauty

Inner beauty is something that we do not always think about it our day to day lives. We may wake up wash our bodies and put on a little makeup before we leave for the day but it is not common for most of us to think about how we prepare to be our most beautiful selves from the inside out.

Qualities like sharing, thoughtfulness, empathy, and consideration that we learned as children may often be suppressed as we try to live and thrive in a competitive and harsh world. We sometimes forget that inner beauty takes as much attention and thoughtfulness as outer beauty. It is important for us to remember that inner beauty is also something that needs attending to in our day to day life. It is only when we focus on developing our inner selves to be the most beautiful versions of ourselves that we can feel a sense of confidence.

When we practice inner beauty for ourselves in whatever form that means to us, we are creating a cooperative, appealing space for others too. Consciously practicing love, kindness, empathy and cooperation can really change how we interact with the world and how the world sees us. Take some conscious steps to work on your inner beauty and you will automatically see that it will be perceived on the outside as well. 

Connecting Inner and Outer Beauty 


Outer beauty does not have to be as frivolous and vain as we are told that it is. Often we either obsess over how they look on the outside or they pay no attention to it at all. Men have been mocked for caring about outer beauty while women have been told that they should care about it all the time! We have been fooled into thinking that there is one specific look that is considered beautiful and this lie makes us all reject our own natural states of beauty.

For too long cosmetic companies and corporate marketing has been selling us an idea of what beauty should look like. The minute we stop listening to them and start listening to our own needs we can find out what beauty truly means to us. Feeling beautiful is something that we should all learn to do. When we realize that each of us are our own expressions of beauty the more we will be able to love ourselves and also each other. We must remember that there is a balance to strike and we must find out own ways of doing so. 

Taking care of your body is not something that you do for others. It is in fact a deep expression of self-love. When we attend to our hygiene and our health we are in fact developing a closer relationship with our own bodies. By drinking more water, eating more fruits and attending to all the different parts of ourselves we will feel more and more beautiful in our own skin. 

Outer beauty does not only mean wearing make-up or fancy clothes, it is also expressed in all the small things that we do to look after ourselves. Being kind to ourselves by accepting and loving all of who we are will automatically lead to us attending to both our outer and inner beauty with more care and self-compassion. 

Being beautiful on the inside and outside is something that we need to focus on so that we can be more confident in our own skin. When we are confident in who we are we will naturally be able to be more caring and empathetic to those around us. If each of us focused on improving our own selves we will each be contributing to creating a better more beautiful world for each other. Remember that beauty is not something that can be put into one box. It is a feeling that is expressed through both our inner and outer states. Knowing what that means for us and spending some time with ourselves in nourishing our bodies and souls will allow us to blossom.

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