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Who is a Clairvoyant?

Who is a Clairvoyant?

There are many things in this world that we experience but we have no explanation for it. We may call these experiences a sixth sense or an intuition. Have you ever had a feeling about a certain event or person who later turned out to be true? 

There are many phenomena in this world that we could not understand or explain. Clairvoyance and other extrasensory perceptions are examples of such a phenomenon. These feelings may not always be measurable or explainable but we know of them because we can strongly experience them. They are very much a part of life and are a reminder to us we are only small parts of a much bigger whole.

What Is Clairvoyance? 

Have you ever had a feeling about something before it has happened? There are some people who allegedly have the ability to sense or perceive things. I say these individuals to have clairvoyance.

It derives the word from French and literally means ‘clear vision’. This means, that these individuals can see into the future without the use of their sensory organs. Although seeing into the future has often been clubbed along with fortune-tellers and soothsayers, it is not uncommon for all of us to have some kind of experience with extrasensory perception. 

Who can be a Clairvoyant?

There are many levels of clairvoyant depending on one’s own development and connection with the unknown as we call it.

Some people can more freely receive intuitive information through various visual stimuli. I call them unique and gifted by their own karma. They can sometimes see, hear and feel them. 

 Then there are others who can get visual images or patterns in the mind’s eye. This means that there are no actual physical stimuli that cause the sensation but the mind can still detect certain images, colors or patterns. 

This is easy for us to imagine. When we close our eyes, we may sometimes see flashes of images, colors or patterns even though our eyes are closed. This may be our own dormant clairvoyant abilities coming through. Someone who had developed a relationship with their mind and body could tap into these images and decipher some kind of meaningful pattern.

Clairvoyant sight is not as dramatic as they often portray it in movies or literature. Often it can manifest in very subtle and subliminal forms. The key to clairvoyance is to develop a strong intuitive bond with your own mind, body and spirit world.

Our realities are shaped by our perceptions of the world. Each person perceives the world differently. Some can even perceive beyond their physical senses. It is important to recognise that we have not yet fully understood the complexities of our own selves and the world that we cannot see. But first, we should build stronger relationships with our own selves by being open and allow ourselves to experiment with it. 

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