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How to stop your best people from leaving

How to stop your best people from leaving

Every organization is made up of two kinds of employees – The engaged ones and the perpetually disengaged ones. The engaged employees are the ones that are excited, enthusiastic and connected to their jobs. The disengaged employees are those walking zombies that do nothing for the organization because they are not invested enough. These employees show up at work, watch the clock tick, wait for lunch and then pack their bags the minute the clock strikes 6 pm. Employers often fear the entry of disengaged employees and exit of the engaged ones who discretionally make efforts for the organization’s success.

Every employer wishes for a long-standing, trust-worthy team that can be relied upon even in the oddest situations. It’s a valid challenge that keeps on growing as the business expands. Now, we’ll take you through some steps that can be employed to make sure that your best people don’t leave you behind.

Facilitate learning and training

Today’s employees do not work for a handsome salary; they seek consistent growth and learning as they progress. Create a cohesive environment for the employees to nurture their craving for learning more.

Business partners, not employees

Businesses thrive on invested employees that have an entrepreneurial feeling about their workplace. Let them have the freedom of decision making, disruptive thinking and ownership. This way they wouldn’t feel like being a mere part of the process rather an important cog in the wheel. They must have a feeling of being involved in something big.

Make them a part of your struggle

Do not just bring them to the company for the sake of filling work stations. Make them a part of the bigger picture by assigning them bigger roles and making them feel like they are associated with something bigger than their 9 to 5 mundane job. Inculcate the feeling of ‘one’ in all your employees.

Reward, recognize and appreciate

Create a culture of recognition and appreciation for your employees. Reward them for all their good work and nurture them to transform into future leaders. Employees work best when they are constantly reminded of how important and valuable their contribution is. Besides, it is no-rocket science to understand that satisfied employees ensure enhanced productivity and efficiency.

While management should look after maintaining the attrition rate, the key to remember is that it is okay for people to leave. The best you can do is to empower, engage, equip and enable your employees to prevent them from leaving. Rest, it is all destined. Sometimes, employers do their best but that ‘best’ is not enough for the employees who seek more every day. It is okay to let go too!