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What is a medium?


Who are mediums? We hear about them in college, in press and family discussions. The world of psychics is a bit confusing and mediums are no simple to understand. But to date do we really know who these people are or what do they do. Mediums have the psychic abilities to help one connect with late friends and family. They have the power to make you travel into your past life to find answers to questions, unravel mysteries and seek closure.

A well-trained, educated and practiced medium can act as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual world. Mediums offer great help to people who’re grieving the loss of someone’s death or wish to communicate with them one last time. Honestly, mediums are no gods. They make mistakes and sometimes even misinterpret or fail to decode the mixed signals they receive from the spiritual world.

Now for your information, here are some misunderstood facts about mediums.

They are serious professionals

Being a Medium is a great responsibility and is no place to joke or con people. They are serious professionals with desirable abilities and coaching that makes them an enabler for us. To become a medium, you must have a clear intention and motivation, you can’t be in this line of occupation for fame and money.  Their role is to establish a connection between you and your deceased loved ones. 

They are not like the ones in Bollywood/Hollywood films

Unlike the ghostly mediums from films, these are regular people that lead a normal life. They are a tad bit more mindful, aware and conscious of their surroundings. This doesn’t make them special but these people fall outside the box of mainstream thinkers. The mediums can end the suffering caused by the loss of a dear one.


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There are many dimensions to name a few – gods, demigods, demon, dakini, daka, yakshas, gandahavas, protectors, Buddha’s and not to miss out on our own human dimensions. We only have access to 2D and 3D world but mediums can go as far as they can; depending upon their capabilities.

Government and criminal agencies need them 

Fionna Johansson, a medium with 25 years of experience has been helping the government and DA in law enforcement, private investigations and solving cold cases. Johansson’s first cases in Stockholm lead her to find the dead body of a neighbor who had gone missing for a few days. Later, she worked professionally to assist the government and criminal bodies in solving complex criminal cases.

With this article, Kaldan intends to spread the message there is more to life than worthless greed, hate, jealousy, religion, and country. I should live your life with utter contentment and peace of mind because the true journey begins after death. Yes, life after death is a bit of a mystery but you can seek the help of mediums to unravel those stories. Join the Medium workshop with Kaldan for more information on mediums.