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What is FENG SHUI?


FENG SHUI means wind and water. Feng Shui is an ancient art that explains and balance the chi of a home or office. It is the interaction between humans and their surroundings. These interactions produce energies that help achieve specific improvements and good luck in life.  We can apply it to any place by just arranging your furniture, doors, mirrors, water features, and colors appropriately. Feng Shui expert is known as a geomancer.

FENG SHUI mainly uses two tools Bagua (energy map) and Luo-Pan (compass). The Bagua is an octagonal grid having the symbols of the ancient oracle. It bases the entire FENG SHUI concept on that oracle. The compass is used to access in-depth information about a location.  

FENG SHUI tips for beginners:

People follow FENG SHUI tips for various reasons such as to attract wealth, to find a desired life partner and to improve health. Anyone can try these tips to improve the good flow of energy and experience the power of the link between life and space. It links each spot of your home with a unique aspect of life.

If you are planning to follow or implement Feng Shui in your home, you need to have an open mind and you should be clear about your intention. Remove everything that you don’t love or don’t use in your house and life. Clean your home and organize it well and then gradually start making the adjustments according to the Feng Shui concept.


Place your bed from where you have a clear vision of the bedroom door. The headboard of the bed should be against the wall and the foot side of the door should not be in line with the entry door. Place the bed away from the bedroom door. It brings the feeling of security, peaceful sleep, and good health.

Main door:

There should be no obstacles in front or inner side of the main door of the house. The front and inner space in the mains line door should be vacant. According to Feng Shui concept, the main door of the house is the mouth of energy. It allows the entry for good energy inside the house.


Always keep the door of your bathroom close and the lid of the toilet seat down. This is because the water goes out of the home through the bathroom and it connects water to wealth and you definitely do not want to drain or flush out our money.


Clean the windows of your house regularly. Clear and dust-free windows allow more sunlight to come inside the house and approach good Fenh Shui at your home. More sunlight inside the home make your home more vibrant and energetic.

Workplace at home:

It is important to place your chair in the right place. According to Feng Shui, your back should not face the door. We should place working desk and chair not in line with the door but further from it.


An unorganized, unmanaged, messy home attracts dead energy while a well-organized and clean home allows a free flow of energy that also vanish the feelings of negativity, guilt, and stress. 

Kid’s room: create a soothing, calm and relaxing room for your child. Remember the bedroom is for sleeping and the playing area is different. Place the Children’s bed should be away from the door and for the bedroom choose light colours and decoration in mind. For example-choose colors like light purple, green, white, and any colour you love but it should be soothing. For decoration choose clam images. The whole idea is to keep it natural and calm energy in the kids’ room.


The position of the fridge

 Should be away from the cooking area and should not face each other as they are fire and metal element.

If you placed the refrigerator in the living room, do not place it facing the kitchen as it can cause family conflicts and disputes.

Place the refrigerator facing towards the kitchen

If you have placed it in the kitchen, then make sure its face should not be to the kitchen because the refrigerator in the living room facing the kitchen can cause family conflicts and disputes.


In Feng Shui it links plants to life energy. Place some green plants inside your home. Green indoor plants bring vibrancy and connect us to nature. Live green plants inside the home bring good health, wealth, freshness and vitality.

FENG SHUI Remedies:

The remedies or cures can help you remediated the energy flow in your home or office.

Crystals:  are used in Feng Shui in different ways from protection, healing and in balancing the energies

Water and fountain: a high-quality fountain or an aquarium can bring amazing energy at a place.

Mirrors:  Mirrors represent water and can activate, expand, circulate and reflect energy.

Most common myths about FENG SHUI:

It is a quick fix for all your problems.

It is a magical or superstitious belief system.

It is a luxury so only rich people can afford it.

Benefits of using Feng Shui: 

Increases the energy flow at a particular place (home or office).

Can harmonies the environment of your surroundings for optimum living.

Helps enhance the vibration of your workplace or home. 

It energies your surrounding environment and acts as a magnet for prosperity and opportunities. 

Increases your luck factor.

Helps avoid negative energies and stress.


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Feng Shui promotes good health, prosperity and wellbeing by arranging the energy flow at a particular house, room or garden. 

I hope with the above information you will be more open and curious about life and things we cannot explain why they happen or work sometimes. I believe in experimenting with new ideas is better than just going on with I taught what us. Being open only helps you to find more talents you have within you. Happy reading. To know more about Kaldan Doma check her website for course, workshops and talks www.kaldandoma.com and for more blogs check her website www.mindlifeskills.com