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Travelling in Covid 19 in India


Who doesn’t love travelling? 

Covid 19 pandemic has put a brake on travelling in India and all over the world. Many of us have planned to travel during these days but due to lockdown we have to cancel it. But now lockdown has lifted in most of the states in India so you can plan a trip in India.

Travelling in covid19 in India is going to be a little unusual but still adventurous. You can travel safely during this pandemic. All you have to do is, know all the rules and regulations about the place you are going to visit and take all safeguards before you head out.

Preparation you need to do before you head to travelling in covid19 in India by your car:

Sanitize your car appropriately

Spray an alcohol based sanitizer in the entire car to prevent germs. You can also use alcohol based wipes to clean the steering wheel, dashboard, seal belt and throughout the car. It is also a great idea to get a complete car service.

Get all sanitization essentials

Stock up alcohol based sanitizers, wipes, disposable tissues and gloves. Carry adequate amount of drinking water and refill your water bottles at clean places.  Hand sanitizers are most crucial because Covid 19 virus scatter through your hands. Repeatedly sanitize your hands with an alcohol based sanitizer to secure your safety.

Stock up on the masks

Travelling brings you in close contact with locals and other travelers so it’s vital to take precautions. Don’t forget to pack enough masks to avoid the transfer of viruses and germs when you come in close contact with people. Change and wash reusable masks regularly and dispose off disposable masks. 

Use Arogya Setu app

Download Arogya Setu app in your phone and register yourself. Make sure you are using this app while travelling. This app provides you all corona related updates, your risk and the information of any infected person around you.

 I know this app helps government to track people who have been infected but I feel it is unnecessary if people take responsibility for themselves and others around them. This is a mass tracking and breach of my privacy, so I think after covid19 this app should not be used at all. 

Travel tips to beat Covid 19

Travelling in Covid 19 in India
  • Always wear a mask when you are out and frequently sanitize your hands.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth with fingers. Use a hand sanitizer before you itch or scratch anywhere on your face. 
  • Use a tissue or your elbows for cough and sneeze to impede the spread of droplets. Dispose off the used tissues properly and disinfect your clothes after you sneeze or cough.
  • Try to use digital payment methods to reduce physical contact with service providers. It help curtail the risk of spread of the Covid 19 virus.
  • Pack sufficient food with you and avoid eating at roadside restaurant or anywhere out because you don’t know they are taking necessary hygienic measures or not.

Safety tips while travelling by Bus or Taxi

  • Sanitize your hands before you enter and after you exit the vehicle.
  • Maintain social distancing and avoid touching the common touchpoints of the vehicle.
  • Pay digitally as currency exchange can spread the virus.
  • Follow the seating guidelines issues by government.
  • Carry your own blanket or linen if travelling overnight.
  • Don’t travel if you are not well.

Travel by air

This too has changed but I feel it saver to travel by flight than bus or train.

To conclude Due to Covid 19 pandemic, it’s a difficult time for everyone, especially for travelers and travel lovers. But it we work together, then we can ensure the safety of ourselves, fellow travelers. Follow all the guidelines and safety measures while travelling in Covid 19 in India. Remember covid19 is here to teach us EMAPTHY. Let us win over our own ego and flatten the curve.

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