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The Dalai Lama’s advice on COVID-19


Words of Wisdom that we as a human community need to apply in our everyday life. Talk less Act mindfully.

Our planet is facing one of the biggest challenges to the health and wellbeing of its people due to coronavirus pandemic. During the explosion of the coronavirus pandemic Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama tried to stay in touch with his followers through online lectures and videos. He was always there to help his followers dealing with this situation.

He said that during the lockdowns across the world, people are confronting immense hardship due to the loss of livelihood. Life has become a daily challenge for those with no regular income. He earnestly requested concerned people to help helpless people of our community.

His holiness delivered special applause to the doctors, nurses and other medical staff members, who were working on the front line to save the victims by putting their own lives at risk. He referred to their services as ‘indeed kindness in action’. 

The Dalai Lama said that prayers are not sufficient for this situation so we have to withstand the epidemic with humanity. This pandemic has shown us that we should take accountability where we can. This pandemic is an indication that we can meet the remarkable extent of the challenges we face only by coming together with a collaborative global response.

His holiness said that we must always remember that no one is free of suffering so we should broaden our hands to safeguard those who need resources, homes or family. This situation has shown us that even if we live distant, we are not unconnected from one another. So we all have the responsibility to develop compassion and help.


Tibetan spiritual leader said that it’s the lesson of mother earth in common responsibilities that has being enlightened by mother earth to human beings. He added, this global Pandemic intimidated all of us, without the differences of gender, cast, religion, culture and country. Our response to this should be humanity only, providing crucial needs for all.

Everybody in this world is facing this hardship that means we exemplify this situation together so we need to combat it together. And this is actually what I say ‘universal responsibility’. A positive or compassionate act has the possibility to help us in this pandemic whether by following social distancing and using masks or working in hospitals.

14th Dalai lama said that vaccine will be introduced very soon as the concerned professionals are working on it and that will be the end of the virus. But till then we should not forget exemplary regulations and government guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe from the virus. All we can do is, stay together and help one another compassionately.

He said that as a Buddhist spiritual leader he believed in the tenet of ephemerality. Ultimately, this situation will pass and everything will be normal very soon. He said that we will have the chance to refurbish our global community as we have done before.

His holiness said that I merely hope and pray that everyone stays safe and calm. He said that compassion is the best weapon to combat coronavirus. Morality and science together, can help the world downfall this virus. At this time of tension, it is important for us to not to lose hope and confidence. We have to fight this situation fearlessly and compassionately without losing faith.

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