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7 Tips Not To Get Zoom Fatigue


Simple strategies to stay present and avoid distractions.

Many of us are working from home and we see a huge jump in zoom meeting taking place. We all feel it is not easy to remain focused, engaged and be productive. We are feeling fatigue and distracted during our meetings. So what are the simple strategies that we can use while on zoom?

  1. Prepare and Plan
  2. Personal space where you feel safe
  3. Break time
  4. Resilience practice before each meeting
  5. Switch off phone
  6. Family and children
  7. Forced to work overtime

1. Prepare and Plan

Here are is what you do

  1. Senior or leader must plan their meetings and do not take your employees for granted as they work from home.
  2. Have only 1-2 meeting per day
  3. It should not be more than 30 minutes, if longer must have breakers for 15 minutes at least.
  4. Everyone must have get email about the meeting agenda.
  5. Take 1 or 2 topics per meeting
  6. Divide the time of the meeting by deciding what and when it be discussed
  7. Have stretch time – so you can walk and talk
  8. Have tea or coffee break in between meetings
  9. Screen all the time- some meeting should not be on zoom but just phone
  10. Do not ask your employee to do overtime if they do get ready to pay them
  11. Do not ask them to work on weekend
  12. Have pen and paper so you don’t sleep off

2. Personal space where you feel safe

Make sure you have created a space where you feel safe and comfortable to work and talk without being disturbed. In this space you should make things lively and have strong colors or items you feel will make you relaxed and focused.


3. Break time

When you get the break time make sure to walk around in the room or just step out for few minutes, this helps your mind and body to get balanced.

4. Resilience practice before each meeting

Before you start any meeting make this your daily ritual, sit on the floor if possible and do few deep breathing. This will help you become fresh, focused and productive before that call or meeting.

5. Switch off phone

Before starting your meeting make sure your personal phone is on silence or switched off as tis can be extremely distracting for you when you are in a deep discussion or in a brain storming meeting or call. But if you have only one phone then sms every one you know to call you after certain time. This will help you relax in your meeting

6. Family and children

Ask you family or children not to come to the room when you going to have the meeting. This is why you must have a break because if your children need help or something happens they should be able to talk to you. I am seeing the worst case here, so the boss of the company must be flexible if you have leave the meeting.

7. Forced to work overtime

While coaching these days I have had a lot of clients talk about overtime and their frustration about it. As a company’s ceo or leader you cannot think or take advantage of your employees as they are working from home. Working from home does not mean that they are free. They still work 8 hours and weekends are free. If you make them work overtime then get ready to pay them or losses them.

I would like to remind everyone that in this new normal, we all must have compassion and empathy towards one another and not take advantage of each other. 

Be safe and be kind.

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