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How To Stop Making Excuses

How to stop making excuses

You are always one excuse away from your goal. 

If you see yourself dropping a new excuse for not showing up, not performing well, being late or simply not succeeding life – We have a problem! We, humans, always tend to find a reason to not pursue our dreams, hit the gym, apply for a new job or stick our neck out. We have this mind-blowing ability of justifying our lethargic behavior with ‘excuses’. Remember, excuses are the cards used to build the house of failure. 

Most people have achievable life goals but when push comes to shove, how many actually hustle to get things done? Very few! Making excuses, blaming others and simply sleeping on your struggles will kill the hustler in you. So how do you actually stop making excuses? How do you take charge of your life? Well, here are a few pointers for starters.

Take responsibility 

You have the steering wheel of your life. When you take the responsibility of all your actions and failures in life, you’ll have fewer excuses to make. Apart from the things you can’t control, focus on what is under your control and alter it to inch closer to your goal instead of pushing it away with another excuse. 

Set a goal

We always have one good self-justified excuse in our mind for not pursuing our dreams doing something that can make our life better. We get trapped in our own thoughts and keep procrastinating important things. However, no matter how strongly we justify our lame excuses it only acts as a barrier in our life.

So, how to stop making excuse because this excuse-making is a genuine problem for many people. Kaldan tells you some important points as starters that will help you take charge of your life.

A long-term goal is good enough to keep you motivated for a while. But the magnificence of the goal can also put you off. So, break it down into simpler short-term goals that can be achieved quickly. The sense of accomplishment and the feeling of being closer to your dream will keep you from making excuses

Stop fearing 

Sure, things can go wrong and ugly but what is a life without some lessons? The unknown is scary for sure but it may be not as bad after all. Taking chances in life helps you stay on the edge. You barely find time for making excuses when you’re in for an adventure.


Every time you catch yourself making excuses, stop take a minute and reflect on it. Figure out why you made that excuse, what did you fear, what triggered you to run away from that stance and finally what you can do to combat making the same excuse in the future. 

A life lived with excuses is a life full of regrets, unachieved dreams, unchallenged self and mediocrity. Remember when you make an excuse you rob yourself off the chance to succeed in life. They prevent you from growing, branching out and blooming. If you’re struggling with the life of excuses, book a consultation with India’s favorite motivational speaker, Kaldan Doma. Kaldan has formulated strategies and tools that help people take their life to the next level.