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How to Stop Being Unproductive


Focus On Being Productive Instead of Busy
– Time Ferriss

It’s quite obvious that there is no big shame in the workplace than being unproductive personnel. With so many works coming to your way regularly can make you overburdened and you may end up being unproductive but it’s the right time when you should collect your energy and focus on being more productive, so that you can stop feeling unproductive.

Henceforth, the reality is that no one can be productive every time. But you can inculcate certain skills which will surely stop you from feeling unproductive.

5 Techniques if followed will assist you to stop feeling unproductive

1. Block your time:-

Just deviate all your energy and concentration from unproductive work to the most important work of the hour. For example, you can block 20 minutes every morning to do power yoga which helps you to stay fit and energized throughout the day.

2. Limit the meeting time duration:-

You have to cut down the time of the meeting by 10-15 minutes and you will notice that you land up with extra time to finish your regular work and this ensures that you have gradually stopped feeling unproductive as you will be finishing all your work on time accompanied with high quality.

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3. Fix the time to check your emails:-

As per research, it’s found that on an average a person checks their email around 74 times a day. This habit invites lots of interruption towards your work due to which your productivity also goes down. So to stop feeling unproductive, you can fix up a time duration when you devote only on reading and replying to your emails. You will find that your work is well sorted and productivity can be ensured.

4. Follow the Pomodoro Technique:-

The Pomodoro Technique encompasses where you take a task and fix a time in which you have to complete it. For instance, you decide to check the files in 2 hours and do the reporting in the next 1 hour. You can take 5 minutes of break after each assignment and once you are familiar with this technique then you can go for long assignments and take long breaks as well.

5. Make the Priority List:-

The best way to inculcate productivity is to make a list of things to be done (keeping in mind that the initial points should comprise of high priority work followed by fewer priority works) on respective days so that before starting your work at the office you already have a plan of action . Once you start following this plan of action for the day you can complete your work on time which will end the feeling of unproductivity. 

Always keep in mind that you can stop feeling unproductive if you are focused, motivated and plan your work of action regularly.
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