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Life Skills About Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

Life Skills About Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

We as a human being have never been taught who we are as individuals but instead, we are given material objects and belief system of this world we are born into created by collective agreement with or without our knowledge. I believe as children if we were given right tools and skills we as a human race would have a better version of ourselves, animals and the earth.

If we were given human values like compassion and empathy just to start with our outlook towards life, ourselves and others would be very different. We would be a very aware race of people. For example- hate due to jealousy, discriminations due to skin color, caste system, and religion, killing each other due to an imaginary line called boarders, suicide due to self-infliction of our mind. Our minds are the reason why we are unhappy in our everyday life and how the world looks like as we have collectively agreed and created it. This is due to not knowing and never been given the skills to know who we are really are as individuals.

Here are few ways or example we can consider if we really want to start to think about it. It is never too late to just start.

For Parents-life skills for children- parents can make sure that your children are learning how to meditate and be aware of their own actions and reaction. As a parent, it is your responsibility that you give this gift to your children than giving them play station or mobile phones.

For example – This is the first basic skill that will help them in their life process and they will learn to be open-minded about life everything from sickness, death, sex, equality of being human.

For18 – Life skills- it is good to start now to learn life skills like resilience and human values as this will help you in choosing a balanced, and having an open-minded way of living.

For example- with these basic skills to start with it can empower you in choosing, creating and making goals for yourself and gaining self-confidence.

For 40 – Life skills- you will be on your way to experience sudden change due to your hormone changes in your body and you may call it a 40-year crisis, but actually, there is no such thing as a 40 crisis. It is just that you never paid attention to your own behavior but actually you are quite good at blaming others for your own mistakes. From being a cheating partner to feeling low about yourself when life gets hard for you. I know this is tough to read, accept, acknowledge. If you truly want to make a change in your behavior than first you must accept your own shortcomings and that you are ready to make changes.

For example- try acceptance, forgiveness, and kindness towards yourself and then towards others. This will get you closer to your authentic self.

For 60 – Life skills – life is really happening as you have done all and have a huge life experience. You can be a person who has learned they have made mistakes or a person who has learned nothing from your life as you think you know the best. One may be stuck with their belief system and will have a struggle in changing them but I think if one is open now it can happen to them.

For example- Age is just a number and that is true as I have a friend and he is 84 year. He is healthy, happy and still gives advice to people if asked for. The reason he says he is healthy is that he never thinks or behaves like an 80-year-old.

Mind and mindfulness

A mind can make us happy in 1 moment or sad in the next moment, it is up to oneself how one reacts to one’s own thoughts.

To spend time with oneself is very important as this helps you to know or realize your own authentic self.

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