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How Nutrients help build health


Nutrients are compounds which are not produced by your body in a sufficient amount. Your body take these nutrients from the food you eat. These nutrients are necessary for growth, disease prevention and good health.

Nutrients are the elements which are found in food and they run biological activity in your body. Nutrients help build health as these are vital for your body. Major nutrients which help build health include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids or fats, minerals and water.

Nutrients help build health and perform vital functions in your body such as:

  • Nutrients build body parts including blood, teeth, bone and muscle.
  • They produce energy in the body.
  • They sustain your body in a good working order.


Proteins are called as building blocks of your body. They build blood, skin, internal organs and muscles etc. If your body lack protein that means you are not healthy. Every cell of your body requires protein for proper function. Proteins assure the growth and advancement of skin, hair, bones and muscles. Proteins serve as a source of fuel for tissues and cells. They help form hormones, antibodies and other integral substances in the body.


Fat foods are often linked with bad health but your body requires specific fats to help retain optimal health. Fats give energy to your body and help in several functions. Beneficial fats help with cell growth blood clotting, development of new cells, muscle movement, brain function, immune function, hormone production, vitamin and mineral absorption. Healthy fats reduce the risk of type2 diabetes and heart disease.


These are essential for your body. Carbohydrates are sugars that offer energy for all cells and tissues of the body. Healthy carbohydrates strengthen immune system, brain function, nervous system, digestive system and energy to accomplish other tasks inside your body.


They keep your body in a better working order. Basically vitamins are organic compounds which can not be synthesized inside the body. Lack of vitamins in the body may cause many deficiency related disease. Vitamins benefit your immune system, bolster teeth and bones, help calcium absorption, aid healthy blood and sustain healthy skin. vitamins help your body metabolize carbs and proteins and also support better functioning of your brain and nervous system. Vitamins help delay or impede specific cancers including prostate cancer.



Minerals are chemical components which are involved in the growth of human body. Minerals which are mandatory for human body include sodium, iron and calcium. These are found in dairy products, fruits, vegetables and seaweed. Minerals help maintain water levels, improve bone health and maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Adequate amount of minerals in your body prevent tooth disease, aid blood clotting, support immune system and healthy blood pressure.


Water is most important nutrient that human body need. It’s not possible to survive without water. Even minor dehydration may causes disabled mental and physical functioning and headaches. 70{c3851e72db8c59172f314c71a8270c8062c295414d5e0a064080f2eb2c184194} of your body is made up of water. Water help with various processes including hydration, lubrication, washing toxins out, transporting nutrients, shock absorption and preventing constipation.

Nutrients are essentials to your life and overall health. Your body needs nutrients for proper function. They provide energy, building blocks for development and repair and other substances necessary to rectify chemical processes in body.

To conclude

These day the vegetables, fruits and other items we take are not organic or ecological. So it is very important to promote farmers and yourself to grow your fruits and vegetables in your garden, balcony in a box or pot) and encourage local farmers it sell it direct in a local market. Eating items in the season and buying from local farmers is very important as you get fresh fruits and vegetables. This is a growing concept in Europe.

I grow my own fruits, vegetables, berries, and spices.  That has made me more aware and appreciate the farmers. I highly recommend you all to grow something and see how it tastes. By growing my own products I know what it is has in it and how nature is so giving. Do let me know or send me pictures of what you have grown in your balcony box.

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