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Best Meal Apps in India


For people who are traveling to India

Sometime back we used to call restaurants for meal delivery at home. That was irritating with a lot of hassle sometimes because of rude hosts; they put your calls on hold, background noise and late food deliveries, etc. That process for not convenient at all.

Now it’s not like that and all thanks to some amazing food delivery services apps. With the help of these food ordering apps, you can access thousands of restaurants with a few taps on your mobile screen. You can order your favorite foods from your favorite restaurants without any hassle.


Zomato is a well-established food delivery app. It allows one on one interaction with your favorite restaurants and excess to exclusive offers and events. It empowers the foodies to get their desired food from local restaurants by paying a small amount of money. Zomato provides all information about the close-by restaurants, menu cards, cost, ratings, and reviews that help the customers choose best. Zomato food delivery boys get their orders online and deliver it in the shortest time. You can choose your favorite food from a variety of restaurants in your locality. You can see a variety of offers and discounts, coupon codes, etc. and save extra money. Once you order your food you will get set by step notifications about your order. 


This food ordering app is basically for non-vegetarians. If you want to eat your favorite non-vegetarian foods at your home or workspace in Delhi or nearby cities without going out download the zapperfresh app. A lot of people do not like buying fish or meat from the local markets. Zapperfresh meal app has made the meat-eating a very pleasant experience as you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home. The food items include varieties of chicken, mutton, ready to cook, cold cuts, specialty meats, combos, kinds of seafood, etc. The company claims that they procure the fish and meat from local farms and process that with hygiene and deliver to their customers in the quickest possible time. This app is easy to navigate and user-friendly.  


Swiggy is the most valuable food ordering app that offers affordable food items Here you can order from a wide range of restaurants listed in the app. Once you select a restaurant and confirm your order, your order is placed. The restaurants start preparing your order and send a signal to nearby delivery boys. Then a delivery boy will accept the order and deliver to your doorstep as soon as possible. You can choose online payment or cash on delivery as per your preference. 

Food panda:

Foodpanda online food delivery app allows you to select your food from the range of local restaurants and place the orders by the food panda mobile app or website. You can create desired meals from listed restaurant menus and choosing the food items you want to order. Enter your address and proceed to checkout. Once your order is placed, food panda sends an SMS notification of order confirmation with estimated delivery time. Restaurants receive the order and deliver to you.


Ubereats is a food ordering app launched by uber. Ubereats is an easy way to get the food you love to eat anytime anywhere. Choose the food items you love from hundreds of restaurants listed in the app and add to your cart. Add your address and proceed to checkout. Pay through the payment method you prefer. When all done just tap “place order”. It’s done. You can follow your order through the ubereats app. 

Benefits of meal apps:

Customer convenience: meal ordering apps allow us to enjoy our favorite hot foods without leaving the comfort of our home. It is a simple convenient way to order food anytime from anywhere.

Smoother transactions: most food delivery apps offer a variety of payment methods. Some people do not like sharing their card details they can pay on delivery, pay through Paytm or Google pay, etc. you can choose the payment method of your choice. 

No more ordering mistakes: earlier when we used to call the restaurants for food delivery many times there were hearing mistakes. Many times we do not get what we have ordered. It was very frustrating. Now we order it online where there is no chance of mistakes. You will get what you have ordered.

Satisfaction: on demand for food delivery apps help you order desired food from your favorite restaurants without going out. You don’t have to stand in long queues to place and get your order at the restaurant. It reduces ordering budget, traveling expenses and those unnecessary extra taxes. So meal delivery apps give you complete satisfaction.

How life has changed with these apps: 

Who doesn’t love eating delicious foods? Meal apps have changed our lives. Now you can eat your favorite foods in your comfort zone, watching your favorite TV shows or chilling out with your family and friends. You can order the food items of your choice from the restaurants you love to visit just on your fingertips through food ordering apps. Food delivery apps work as a collaboration platform between foodies and restaurants.

How tourists can download:

Anybody can download these food ordering apps easily from their app store (iPhone) or play store (android). Simply type the name of your favorite food delivery app in the search bar of your play store or app store, download it and install it. Register yourself with the app and start ordering. These apps are easy to navigate and offer a variety of features to enhance your convenience. 

Food delivery apps have made it very easy to get your favorite foods at your doorstep. It is the most convenient way to get your favorite restaurant’s food items at your home or office anytime.

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