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7 Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home


We all have witnessed to be surrounded by negative energy in our life. We often feel demotivated, less energized and clogged with negative energy. Sometimes, it happens as if someone is extracting all the energy from our body due to which we cannot carry on any activities in our life.

Negative energy can be exhibited in numerous ways, experiencing bad luck in all the aspects of life even you may end up in a bad relationship. You also might be facing financial issues and it directly hampers your confidence level to lead a perfect lifestyle.

So if you are experiencing that something is going wrong every time it’s time to eradicate negative energy from your surroundings.


1. Remove all the clutters:-

All the things in our home possess some kind of energy. If the things are accumulated from long and they are of no use, then it’s better to remove them. The reason for eradicating them from your home is that the accumulated clutter equalizes stagnant energy. If your house is full of unused things then there is the absence of the flow of energy. Once all the clutters are removed, your house will be enriched with the flow of positive energy.

2. Placement of crystals:-

Crystals can remove negative energy from your home. If you put crystals in all the four corners of your home then you can witness changes in the energy flow in your home. You can even wear crystal as a piece of jewelry or carry it in your purse to stay full of positive energy. But you must select the right crystal for you. All the different crystals carry unique healing effects. Just follow your instincts and you will be able to find out the best crystal which will remove negative energy from your home. 

3. Wise usage of Salt:-

Salt is considered to be one of the ways to remove negative energy from your home. You can take salt baths to remove negative energy from your body. You can even sprinkle salt around your house to curb negative energy to enter your premises. Even some people add salt to water used for cleaning their house as it’s a myth that salted water holds intrinsic properties to stop the flow of negative energy in your house.

4. Ring bells or put wind chimes:-

According to Feng shui, if you put wind chimes or ring bells in your home, all the negative energies are converted into positive energies. The best way to remove negative energy from your home is to ring the handheld bell throughout your house or particularly in the area where you feel there is a high accumulation of negative energy.

5. Reiki techniques:-

Reiki symbols play an important role if you desire to free your home from negative energy. If you have learned reiki then you should start chanting reiki mantras through your fingers and move around the space from where you want to remove the negative energy. Level 2 of Reiki encompasses more advanced modes to remove the negative aura from your house.

If you are not a reiki expert then you can hire a reiki professional to remove negative energy from your home.

6. Start using essential oils:-

Home is a place where we spend a substantial amount of time in our life. So, it must be kept positively charged. We know that negative energy leads to a lack of motivation, less energy and clogged negativity all around. So, we need to keep our space filled with positive energy.
Kaldan is telling you 7 ways to remove negative energy from home in her blog. Follow them and see the change in your life. You can share your experience then and now as well about the blog here.

Essential oils possess certain properties that remove negative energy and spread positivity. Essential oils are very powerful. With their regular usage, your low mood can be transformed into optimism and full of positive energy.

There are many essential oils available in the market. So it is better to leave the selection on your spirit guide as he will guide to select the best essential oil for you.

7. Smudging & Saging:-

It is said that if you burn sage, cedar or lavender and carry them while walking throughout your house then it has the power to remove negative energy from your house. You can choose any herb to be burnt in your house, for example, sandalwood, rose, mugwort, etc. Please keep the license sticks on a plate or stand so that the ashes fall in it.

8. You can also use the secret healing incense made by Kaldan (clear light) given for healing suppose for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and spiritual disturbances. As these incense sticks are also very useful to eradicate negative aura from your surroundings.

Just hold the burning herb and move around every corner of your house so that every part of the house is positively energized. Keep a window open so that the negative energies can flow out easily. If you want to energize yourself then you have to circulate the herb smoke around your body starting from your head towards the toe.

Negative energy can also be removed from your home by planting green plants, changing the old and tarnished furniture with the new ones, spray orange essential oil, always clean your antiques, etc.

Just be calm, composed and collectively start following the above-mentioned ways to remove the negative energy from your home. Gradually you will witness that the negative energy is replaced with positive vibes which will assist you to lead a pleasant and content life.

If you still have any questions or desire to seek to exert advice in knowing the ways to remove negative energy from your home then kindly drop an email info@kaldandoma.com or follow @kaldandoma on social media