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5 Great Company Culture


Better moods = Better performance

The success of your company is a product of the company culture. Gone are the days when fearful bosses CEOs would build great companies. The times have changed so much so that the new-gen employees should love going to work. They should, in fact, have a tough time leaving their desks and moving out of the office. The office environment should be so positive, full of challenges, highly motivating and sprinkled with oodles of healthy competition among employees. Even though the job is difficult, the company culture shouldn’t be. Happy employees produce better results which accelerate business growth. This chain ultimately results in an improved work culture that facilitates employee and company success. Great company culture also reflects in increased employee retention and regular achievement of financial goals.

According to Rick Fererico, your company should be more than a place where people come to draw checks. We firmly believe that employees and customers alike can find better places to work and shop but they would never find a positive company culture like yours. It is easy to say that investing in building a favorable company culture is fairly important today. Now, how do you make your company culture great? You build on these 5 elements that make for good company culture.

Be responsive to employee needs

Leadership should be accessible and visible for mid and lower-level employees to reach.

Align company goals with employee goals

Create values that employees know by heart. They are even willing to go the extra mile to align their goals with company goals. 

Lay trust in your army 

Share responsibilities have faith in their capabilities. Create an environment that is feasible for sharing ideas, communication, and free-flow of good vibes. Emphasize on transparency in communication at all levels.

Celebrate wins, support losses

Do not go bashing the faulty strategy or planning guys – Instead give them a chance to explain and improvise. This will help build lasting relations between leadership and lower management.

Leave room for easy communication

The leadership really sets the tone for the culture given how open they are with their ideas and receptive to feedback and criticism.

Great company culture doesn’t manifest out of thin air. You work for it every minute of your working life. Being an entrepreneur is anything but easy, so here we have special classes by Kaldan Doma that guide you in creating a work culture that attracts, not repels people.