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10 Backpacker Skills for Beginners


In our society today it is easy to get stuck in the rat race. We spend weeks and months in the same rut, getting frustrated and burnt out. Taking a short trip might help ease the pressure and give a new perspective. 

Holidays are no longer a luxury that only a few can afford. With developments in transportation and accommodation, it is fairly easy to plan a low budget trip. A backpacking trip is a perfect way to reconnect with yourself and the environment. If you have never been backpacking before, have no fear, these ten skills will help you prepare for your exciting journey. The products I have mentioned below had made my journey fun and relaxed so I share these with you.

How to Being your Adventure

Make a plan: Although backpacking is often associated with being a fun spontaneous activity, in reality, the more you plan the better you will be able to enjoy the trip while you are on it. Try getting a cool planner like the Travel Listography to manage your budget, make checklists and document your adventures.

Packing efficiently: Knowing what to take on a backpacking trip is as important as knowing what not to take! Remember to pack lightly as you will have to carry the weight around with you. For example, you can start by replacing your bulky towel with a Grasshopr Microfiber Towel.

Exercise: If exercise is not already a part of your daily routine, it is important that you do some light exercising before your trip. Try walking around in your area as this will help prepare your body for the trip. 

Chose the right backpack: The right backpack is the most important thing for a backpacking trip. Make sure that your backpack is comfortable and the right size for you. An uncomfortable bag can lead to back aches and other health problems that can ruin your experience. Backpacks now come in all different shapes and sizes and some even with their own rain covers! Check out the Mountain Walking Backpack.


Put your best foot forward: Just as important as a comfortable backpack is a comfortable shoe. The wrong shoe will leave your feet aching, wet and blistered. Make sure that you have a shoe that fits your foot firmly, ensure that it has the right grip for the terrain you are in and make sure that it is sturdy and reliable. You can check out replacing your old shoes with these Waterproof Mid-ankle Hiking Shoes. 

First aid kit: Having a well-equipped first aid kit is very important. Make sure that you carry a few tablets that will help with digestion problems, allergies, insect bites or the common cold. Also, carry other first aid equipment for wounds or cuts. The St Johns First Aid Travel First Aid Kit may have everything you need. 

Carry enough supplies: Make sure you have enough food and water for your trip. Carry some dry fruits and nuts, they are easy to carry and provide you with a great source of energy. Healthy nut bars like the Rebite Nutrition Bars are an easy snack 

Ensure your safety: Keep a friend or family member informed about your plans and location. If you have low cell phone reception make sure that you pre-download any maps that you need. It also helps to carry a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife or pepper spray for any unexpected encounters. 

Prepare for the unexpected: No matter how much you plan there is always a chance of some unforeseen circumstances. Knowing that this is a possibility will keep you prepared for anything. Carry a handy torch like the BriteNova Progessional LED flashlight, an extra pairs of socks and undergarments and some extra cash just in case you find yourself in the dark, wet or stranded. 

Respect nature: Remember most of all that this trip is about you and nature. As much peace and serenity that nature gives you, you also have a responsibility to respect it. Do not play loud music or leave your trash around as you travel. Enjoy nature as much as you respect and preserve it.

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