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11 life skills to teach your children not be dependent


Parents need to be mindful of how they are going to raise a child and must be discussed on who is going to do what otherwise your relationship with each other will become a war zone of ego.

Parents must make sure that they do not make their children co-dependent on them in any way.

So, to make them independent it is important for your children to learn life skills along with academic skills as it can help them explore their capabilities. We should start teaching life skills to our children even before they start their schooling. In today’s high tech world they may miss learning vital life skills.

There are a number of life skills to teach our children to make them independent so that they can take care of themselves if left alone. Life skills may also be taught in a few schools but life skills need to be taught at your home through the experiences and practical activities.

Let’s have a look at 11 life skills to teach your growing children to make their future easy.

Laundry and cleaning:

Cleanliness and laundry both are equally important. Your children should know how to keep themselves, their clothes and their surroundings clean. Whenever you do the laundry teach your child how to do it. Your purpose should not be to make them perfect in this work but it should be to make them understand the process. Ask your children to keep their bed and room clean and keep everything on it’s the right place. Teach them to wash their dishes after a meal and clean the washroom after the use. Teach them how to keep the house clean.

Basic cooking:

Children should know how to cook simple food for them in the absence of their parents or maid. Ask your child to accompany you when you are preparing the meal. Ask them for help and make them learn the basic kitchen things. You can make it more interesting by adding some rhymes or words your kids like. Show them how to cut fruits and vegetables safely and how to prepare simple meals when they are alone at home.

Treating a normal wound:

Most of the times children get panic if they have a wound or cut. Teach your children not to overreact and not to freak out in case of a wound. Try to distract from the pain and apply pressure to stop the bleeding, clean the wound with water or antiseptic, and apply an antibiotic ointment or a bandaid if required. This is the right way to manage a wound that you need to teach your child.

Navigation skills:

As a parent, you know the importance of navigation skills. Many times we get lost on roads even after following the voice directions of GPS. In that case, map reading can build the navigation skills of your child. You can try playing a map game with your children. Draw a simple map for your house, hide the toys at different locations, and ask your child to find the toys. Whenever you visit the parks, zoos, and museums, there are easy to read maps so in such places, you can ask your child to track the right path with the help of available maps. These are some fun and efficient ways to improve your child’s navigating skills.

Basic etiquette:

Etiquettes are most important not only in childhood but throughout the life. Teach your children how to behave nicely. Tell them about the basic manners and etiquette. Teach them how to talk with younger and elder, how to order food in a restaurant and how to eat their food etc.


Whenever you go for the grocery shopping take your child with you. Show them how to find the things you want to buy, you should buy only needful things and how to pay there. Try to teach them how to be a smart shopper. It will help your child a lot.

Time management:

Every child should know how to manage his/ her time. Time management is crucial for a happy and successful life. Give an alarm clock to your child to help wake up in the morning and it will also help you to wake them up on the time. Ask them to manage their time for homework, learning work, playing, and other activities. In this way, your child will understand the importance of time and also manage his/her time properly for all activities.

Importance of health:

Ask your children to take care of their health. Don’t force them to eat fruits and vegetables in spite of that tell them about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Also, tell them about the risks of eating fast foods. Talk about the healthy food items which give high stamina and enable them to learn and play better. They should know why good health is important so tell them in such a way so that they can understand it well.

Basic self-defense:

Everybody knows the value of self-defense and safety in the recent scenario. Building self defence not only make your child feel more independent but also make much more confident. Basic self-defense for children is a must as soon as they understand the meaning of self-defense. Tell them about its importance and it can help save them in many situations.

Money budgeting:

Money is a basic need for life so your kid should understand the need and value of money. They should know the money budgeting like not to waste money, how to use it properly, and how to save it. It will help make your child financially responsible. It helps teach them the value of money and how to spend their money without wasting it.

Respect all sexes: Here I am talking about everyone. You should teach your children that everyone is born different so we should accept and respect everyone equally. It doesn’t matter which sex you are girl, boy, gay, impotent or lesbian. Boys should respect girls and guy space. Girls should respect themselves as they are equal to boys. You should make your child understand about these things because of its nothing bad. Everyone is different and it’s their personal life and sexual choice. It has nothing to do with anyone.

By the age of six or seven, our children develop the foundation of their real personality, and teaching these life skills can really enhance the positive traits of their personality. Your children are going to use these life skills throughout their lifetime.

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