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What is Vastu?

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Vastu is derived from the word “Vas”. “Vas” means to reside.  The meaning of Vastu in Sanskrit literature is “dwelling of humans and gods”. Vastu is an ancient science that offers congenital settings for a place to make it more advantageous for householders. 

Vastu focuses on increasing positive energy at a space for example:- house, office or any kind of building.  It aims to increase health, wealth, happiness and prosperity at a place. It is believed that the proper implementation of Vastu brings peace and profitability.

Vastu is all about directions combined with five major elements of nature and it balances them with the human and the material. It defines human relationships with natural forces and builds a positive link between the individual and the outer world. 

History of Vastu:    

VastuShastra unites astrology, astronomy, art, and science.  It is based on the traditional knowledge of nature and five elements of the universe. Later people started following Vastu rules for residential buildings, offices, furniture, paintings, vehicles, and sculptures, etc. 

According to this knowledge, the construction of a place should be scientific as well as spiritual. It is about the five-element that is kept in mind while design a plan for a house, water system and so on.

 The Five elements are-






Vastu sets these energies in proper directions offering miraculous results and help provide the best of the life to a person by overcoming hindrances. It defines a particular direction and corner for each element of your house or other location.  

The traditional Vastu technique also helps you decorate the living area of your house in harmony with natural things to bring positivity in your life.

Why is it important?

Our houses and workplaces are two important spaces where we spend most of our time. If these places are not constructed according to the Vastu principles, it may prove harmful for the health, wealth, happiness and prosperity of residents.

According to Vastu vidya, it is believed that if a building is not built according to the five elements (water, earth, air, fire, space) or not aligned according to the 4 directions (east, west, north, south), the inhabitants of that place may suffer from a lot of issues.

Does it work?

There is no doubt that the influence of Vastu is the peace of mind for the inhabitants of a place. People who suffered from quarrels, health issues, financial problems, property loss, court cases, disputes, misunderstandings, tension or having trouble in family or relationships will search for peace.

People who had a negative outlook or frustration crave for mental peace and turn to follow Vastu principles to come out of their problems. People who implement this scientific principle in their constructions get perfect happiness and desired goals.

Some most interesting facts about Vastu:

▪  Vastu techniques are based on various energies that come from the universe including cosmic energy, solar energy, thermal energy, lunar energy, light energy, wind energy, and magnetic energy.

▪  Vastu principles include layout, design, measurements, space arrangement, ground preparation, and spatial geometry.

▪  The kitchen should be in the southeast direction of a house because this portion of the house has the least amount of germs and dust so help cook healthy food 

▪  According to Vastu, the walls of your pooja room should be of white, light blue or cream color and the floor should be of white marble.

▪  You should not keep the oval or round shape dining table as they create a difference of opinions amongst the members of the house and guests.

▪  Thorny plants except for rose and some medicinal plants in your garden give rise to tensions in the atmosphere.

▪  Placing dustbin and a shoe rack in the west direction of the house hampers the growth in the business.

▪  Keep a flute in the house as it is said to be that it invites wealth and goddess Laxmi in the house and remove negativity from the house.

▪  You should not keep your medicines in the kitchen otherwise you will eat them like you eat your food.

Benefits of Vastu:

'Vastu' is a well-known term and a historical, scientific approach to set up a place for humans living. If a place is well set up, it brings peace, harmony, and prosperity for those who live there. But not many people know why Vastu is important, how this is beneficial, how does it work and so on. They either accept it or reject it completely.

So, Kaldan is making things simpler for you. She has brought crucial information about Vastu that would help you understand elements, functionality, and benefits of it.
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Good health, enhanced vitality, and well being: 

Vastudoshas affect the health of the inhabitants. Vastu oriented places are arranged in a clean way and promote good health which enhances one’s vitality.

Promote financial prosperity and general fortune:

 It has a great impact on your financial status. Vastu implementations can improve your financial conditions.

Positive, inspiring and stress-free environment: 

It evokes the 5 elements providing a clean and clutter-free space that enhances your mental peace and spreads positivity.

Improve relationships and dealing with other people: 

Vastu enhances internal peace and helps you keep calm which ultimately improves your relationships and life with other people.

Comfortable and refreshing night sleep:

The right position of your bedroom, your bed, and sleeping directions provide good and refreshing night sleep.

Promotes business expansion and profit:

Implementing Vastu rules in your office or workplace can promote your business and help you achieve great success.


Vastu principles pay attention to each and every place, color, design, element, material, direction, and ventilation thus everything is arranged in such a way that it makes all tasks more convenient for residents.

Enhance spirituality:      

As mentioned above, Vastu is originated from the ancient sacred text so Vastu principles provide inner realization and satisfaction to a person that cannot be achieved through anything else.

Best use of every space: 

As it is a concept of architecture so it helps people make the best use of every space in your house or office. The positions of each room will be at the right place allowing you to have most out of the elements and nature. Vastu techniques are used for success, peace and many other reasons. Vastu gives you power, zeal, confidence, strength, and money. 

I just want to say here that it is just a belief and you can definitely experiment it and then decide if it works for you.

Motivational speaker and adviser Kaldan Doma sharing her knowledge for letting her readers think outside the box.