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What did zoom do to capture the market?

What did zoom do to capture the market?

Zoom is most trending app these days. If you are working in tech industry you must be knowing about zoom from past few years. It is a video conferencing tool. Now almost everyone knows about this application as it is a leading video conferencing app in the market.

Recently zoom has continued its unbelievable growth and has accomplished admirable market share in comparison to their competitors. Zoom is a future friendly app that allows the people to be as adaptable as they want. Zoom has made an incredible effect on the meeting solutions market.

It is a reliable and easy to use platform for voice, video, chat and content sharing that runs across room systems, telephones, desktops and mobile devices. It helps organisations and businesses bring their teams together in a smooth atmosphere to get more done.

Zoom gets more acceptance during the pandemic (covid19). People have converged this app to be in touch with friends, families, host weddings and build digital clubs. Earlier it was a video conferencing app used by corporate workers for video conferencing etc.

Zoom is easy to use as people do not need a login to join a meeting. This teleconferencing application was typically used by businesses has now become the trending way for people to connect with the social distancing rule during the covid19 pandemic.

Zoom has apparently replaced the existing video call and chat services like Skype and google hangouts. Suddenly the zoom is everywhere. There is a large number of increase in the free users, new video use and meeting minutes.

Besides being a productivity tool, zoom software has become a place where families are staying in touch and friends are organising implied happy hours as we are scattered  and locked indoors due to coronavirus pandemic.

Zoom has added more customers in the last month than in the last year. Zoom is doing what a great software can do to provide support and resources to those handling the coronavirus disruption. That’s why zoom has captured the market in a very short period of time.

Its position on both the android and iPhone among the top downloaded apps shows that zoom is doing very well. You can imagine the demand of zoom as it is world’s 2nd most downloaded app during the pandemic. During this period zoom added around 20 million new mobile users.

Zoom chat and video meeting app has become extensively renowned host to millions of people studying and working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you are talking to your boss, colleagues, teacher or friends, you can look your best while using the zoom. Zoom has a built in beautification filter which can help you look good.

Zoom has much greater quality than hangouts or Skype by a long shot. It has better call quality, ability to record meetings and share high quality videos over that call. These kind of great features set zoom apart from the competition.

Here are 10 features which helped zoom capture the market:


Background of your choice:

When you are working from home your background can be a issue during the video conference. With zoom you can change your background as per your choice when talking on a video call. You can also customise your background however you want it.

Turn off your camera and mute your audio:

Some times when you are attending a video meeting, you want to dive for the camera and mute buttons. with zoom app you can make it default to prevent your colleagues seeing you bedhead or hearing your kid’s or pet’s voices.

Easy mute and unmute feature:

When you need to speak in a video or audio meeting, you don’t need to scramble to click the microphone button for mute or unmute. You can simply press and hold the space bar to immediately mute and unmute your mic.

React with emoji when muted:

When you are muted in a meeting, you can still share your opinions or thoughts with emojis. You can send clapping or thumbs up emoji to communicate without any interruption.

Handy keyboard shortcuts:

Sometimes you may not like clicking around the screen in that case, zoom has many keyboard shortcuts ( start or stop recording, find commands to join a meeting, share your screen and enter full screen) to help you navigate the app on your desktop without using the mouse.

Gallery view:

Gallery view of zoom app allows you to see everybody in the meeting at once. Usually you can see only one person who is speaking during a video conference. If a meeting has 50 attendees, you can see all of them in one page.

Hide non video participants:

When you are in a video meeting with more participants, your screen can get cluttered, which can be distracting if some don’t have their cameras on. You can hide the participants who are not using their camera to minimise the distractions.

Host a meeting for longer than 40 minutes:

On free tier of zoom app,  group meetings can last for upto 40 minutes and one to one meetings can be hosted for unlimited time. You can upgrade your zoom account to host group meetings for unlimited time.

Beauty filter: 

Attending video conferences when you are working from home demands a well dressed you. Zoom’s built in beauty filter can help you look your best when working from home. It has touch up my appearance feature that can smooth over your appearance making you look well rested.

Record the meeting to your computer of cloud:

Both free and paid zoom users can record their meetings to their computer or laptop using desktop app. If you have a paid zoom account you can save your recordings directly to the cloud.

Zoom is a popular name today. This app has proved helpful for almost everyone during the coronavirus pandemic. People are staying in touch with their loved ones, employees are working from home and students are studying at home with the help of this platform. Its amazing features helped it capture the market in short time period.

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