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How to know if you are in a toxic relationship?


Do not bind yourself with someone who doesn’t care about you, get out of the toxic relationship you are in now!


  • If you are unhappy, fight all the time, complain about each other, and it’s impossible to digest what your partners say then you are in a toxic relationship.
  • Though it’s difficult to conclude whether you are in a toxic relationship or going through a tough time with your partner
  • Even contented couples have issues but they communicate and resolve their issues without taking things too much personal.
  • Bad habits which when become irresistible, the couples conclude that they cannot continue their relationship.

A short story illustrating toxicity in your relationship:-

Mary & Ron were known as the strong couple in their social circle. But the reality was very different as they both fought on every matter and tried to ignore each other’s company.

 The drinking and lying habit of Ron had ruined the love and trust in their relationship. Mary was tired of her relationship and had moved on emotionally which had made her isolated from Ron.

 After some time, Mary decided to leave Ron because she understood that she is in a toxic relationship and if she continues this relationship then she will be damaging her life as well.

5 signs which prove that you are in a toxic relationship:-

1. Lies all the time

2. No Privacy

3. Nothings gets sorted

4. Verbal or Physical Abuse

5. No communication 


  • Numerous reasons which depicts that you are in a toxic relationship and there is no connection with the strength, courage or even the character of the partner.
  • Your late realization makes the situation more complicated which puts you in a dilemma if you leave you are left with a handful of options.
  • Self-respect, self-reliant, self-esteem and happiness should always be there in a relationship but if it’s absent then staying in this kind of relationship will ruin your life totally, so it’s great to be alert and take action on time rather than delaying it as everyone has the right to live a happy life.

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