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How to Forgive Yourself ?

How to forgive yourself?

We all possess flaws because no one is perfect. Sometimes we find it really tough to condone ourselves as we become likely to see negatives in whatever we do. It requires compassion and understanding to forgive yourself

Self forgiveness is essential for your mental health and overall well being. When you forgive yourself for your mistakes or whatever wrong you have done in the past, it helps you move on in life and achieve your goals more favorably.

Forgiveness is not smooth especially when you have to forgive yourself. In this blog I will tell you some steps which you can follow to forgive yourself.

Take the responsibility: 

If you have done something wrong to someone, take the responsibility of your actions that you have hurt someone. This is the first step you should take to forgive yourself. It can help you prevent negative emotions.

Understand that past has gone:

Realize that whatever wrong you have done in the past, has left in the past. You can’t correct that by accusing yourself. What you can do is, leave that in past and move on. Make sure to learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. 

Share your feelings:

Commit your mistakes to someone you trust. It can help you realize that you are not the only person who made mistakes. Admitting your mistakes to someone you trust can help you prevent from falling into abolition, repression and rejection.

Stop recapitulating:

Replaying your sins again and again is not going to help the person you have harmed. It will just make you feel awful about yourself. So, every time when you catch your mind recapitulating your mistakes, stop yourself and focus on something positive.

You often hear about forgiving others but do you also know that it is equally important to forgive ourselves? This is important but difficult because you don't know how to forgive ourselves and move ahead in life?
Well, if you are looking for answers then you can get it in this blog from Kaldan. She has shared some tips on how to forgive yourself here.

Change your mindset:

Just sit, calm down and write down all the positive things you have done in your lifetime. It will help you realize that you are not a bad person. Keep doing the same in future to acknowledge your positive side. 


Apologize to the person you have hurt. This is the best and easiest way to admit your fault. That person may not respond well but you have to listen. Don’t force the person to forgive you. Apology can help you at least reduce your guilt.

Learn from the past:

Don’t slip into the ploy of self disgust and rumination. It can devastate your self esteem and inspiration. Face your problem and focus on discovering something positive in those circumstances. Learn from your actions and make some improved decisions in the future.

Mistakes are a part of life. It depend on you that how you deal with your mistakes. Blaming yourself is not a good way to live. The process of forgiveness takes time so take your time. Try above mentioned tips to forgive yourself and be the person who you actually are. 

Forgiving yourself brings the peace of mind and positive impacts on your life. Kaldan tells you how to take care of your mental health and live a happy life.