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How to cope with memory loss of your loved ones?

How to cope with memory loss of your loved ones

It is very difficult to see your near and dear ones suffering from memory loss. It is a process for you and the person suffering from it.

This is a journey for you and your dear ones, so make sure you are prepared for it. Always be patient and positive as it helps a lot to cope with memory loss of your loved ones.

The following are the points of how you can prepare yourself so that you can offer 100{c3851e72db8c59172f314c71a8270c8062c295414d5e0a064080f2eb2c184194} support, love and compassion to cope with memory loss of your loved ones.

1. Practicing self-awareness about your shortcomings:-

Once you are aware of your shortcomings then you would be more kind and lovable to your loved ones who are experiencing the phase of memory loss because, if you can survive and lead a normal life with so many shortcomings, then why can’t your loved one lead a normal life with memory loss issues.

2. Learning self- compassion:-

If you are self-compassionate person then you would be surely a winner in coping with memory loss of your loved ones. Self-compassionate people are always optimistic and full of energy & life which offers positive aura to their surroundings. Positivity and optimism can be the pillars to assist your loved ones going through the painful journey of memory loss.

3. Being or introduce yourself to learning patience:-

If you are a self-restraint individual then it’s great. But if you are not then you have to learn the art of being diligent and possess lots of patience because it helps a lot in handling your loved ones who are suffering from memory loss.

4. Always has a smiling face:-

It is always said that ‘A smile can be a healer to any sort of pain”. So just have a smile on your face whenever you talk with your loved ones and try to make them remember the forgotten episodes of their life slowly and gradually without putting any kind of pressure on their brain.

Always keep in mind that the dear ones are the ones who took care and natured you when you were sick and without their kindness you would not have made it in this life of yours. So just be calm, kind and ready to bestow all the love and compassion which you have got from them to shower on your loved ones. 

Memory loss is a reality at the same time it is difficult for you to see your loved one going through this problem. In such situations, you may lose your patience which is not good for you and the one who is suffering from memory loss. You need to be prepared for it. You need to be patient and positive as it helps a lot to cope with memory loss of your loved ones.
💁‍♀️Kaldan gives you important points to prepare yourself for such a situation so that you can give 100{c3851e72db8c59172f314c71a8270c8062c295414d5e0a064080f2eb2c184194} support, love and compassion to cope with memory loss of your loved ones.

What can you do for your dear ones?

There are certain things that you can do to cope with memory loss of your loved ones.

1. Start talking about the past:-

Causally start talking with your loved one and then gradually ask them, it is fine if your friend can visit you at home or would your loved one love to go out for tea or coffee with your friend. It’s always better to make your loved one meet new people and become comfortable as it will help a lot while meeting the doctor. As if your loved one is comfortable in talking with a stranger then he/she will be comfortable meeting the doctor as well and will be fine to discuss about their problems. Never hurry to conclude. Rather if you think you are being impatient then hire a helper so that the home environment is always pleasant and relaxed.

2. Assist your loved one to prepare their medication checklist and give them medicines on time.

3. All the important things should be kept handy.

4. Help them to organize their address & telephone books, calendars, and home.

5. Have their address and phone number on their neckline in a locket or print it on their clothes. 

6. Fix sticky notes mentioning how and when the tasks have to be done throughout the day.

7. Make them an active social person.

8. Always use photographs and other belongings to keep the memories fresh.

9. If the memory loss is critical, then have some maid to look after the person and the home.

10. Never be impatient and try to emphasize the person’s problem and react accordingly.

11. Take them to walk every day as the brain needs to exercise and fresh air is always good for your mind and body.

12. Prepare food that helps them become better

Love and care can heal any disease under the sun. So just enjoy this journey and try to make it cherish able for your loved ones as well. With time everything will be fine and soothing, just believe in yourself and offer your dear ones all you can to make their lives full of happiness. 

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