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Natural ways to Increase your Memory


Most of us experience weak memory as due to many reasons. Aging is one of them but it is happening to many of us and there are many factors related to it like it can hinder the functioning of brain such as stress, lack of sleep, exposure to toxins, unhealthy food, lifestyle or medical problems. When it happens, we all look for ways to increase the memory power.

Weak memory is a depressing issue. Memory has a vital role in our day to day life. I am sharing some natural ways to increase your memory. These tips will help you enhance your memory without spending money on expensive medications or medical procedures.

For various reasons such as aging, stress, lack of sleep etc. you can experience loss of memory. Kaldan offers you natural ways to increase your memory. These are easily applicable tips. Read the latest blog on Natural ways to increase your memory by Kaldan Doma
  • Meditation: meditation is the most efficient technique to build a better brain. It can naturally increase your memory, focus, intelligence and brain power. Meditation causes neurostimulations which revamp and reshuffle whole nervous system.

It coordinates the whole brain and aligns most dynamic layers of mind. It balances the hemispheres of your brain and offers lifetime approach to your memory vaults.

  • Better night sleep: if you want to increase your memory in a natural way make sure you sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night. Proper sleep helps your mind function perfectly. During the sleep your brain replenishes itself.
  • Antioxidant rich foods: broccoli, cauliflower, celery, curry, spinach, carrots, red grapes, berries and drinks such as, green tea, red wine contains antioxidants that protect your brain health and excite the production of new brain cells. But take everything in a limit.
  • Walk and exercise: regular exercise is necessary for good mental health. Daily walk and exercise can help increase the memory in people of all age groups. Regular exercise is an excellent way to heighten your memory power and keep your body healthy.
  • Brain games: brain games give a proper exercise to your brain and make it more active. You can try quizzes, crossword puzzles available in daily newspapers. Similar kind of puzzles are also available online which you can download to play. These will definitely increase your memory.
  • Less sugar: some studies disclose that sugar loaded diet leads to diminish brain volume and poor memory. Excessive glucose impacts the mood balance, short term memory and attention span. High intake of sugar reduces the activity in hippocampus (brain part that is strongly linked to memory).
  • Healthy weight: obesity can alter the memory associated genes and negatively impact the memory. Overweight related disease can demolish brain function. Unhealthy weight can also cause insulin resistance and inflammation affecting the brain and memory.
  • Memory friendly foods: Almonds and walnuts are best for boosting memory and brain power. Walnuts make number of neurotransmitters which are vital for the brain processes. Cashews nuts help manage enzyme activity and proper brain functioning in the body.


These are natural ways to increase your memory and defend against memory loss. I am not saying that, you should implement all of these, opt for few and when you see the improvement you can implement more. I hope these tips will help you upgrade your brain.

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