How do Deal with Death and Dying as you age? Mind Life Skills
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How do Deal with Death and Dying as you age?

Whether one has money or not, it does not matter – Age and death are inevitable. Irrespective of one’s financial status, class, religion, gender and life stage, the bitter-sweet phase of growing old will seep through all of us. Each one of us responds to this feeling differently.

 Some people know how to get the best out of their ‘senior citizen’ phase in life. Some of them consider growing old as part of their life journey but for some ageing is devastating, depressing and painful. It is what you make it. You can choose to sit and drown yourself in the grief of losing your charm, vitality, and energy or celebrate the carefree, relaxed and chill part of life by being mindful of each day you have.

Aging and death are two things that most people find difficult to embrace. This leads to lots of negativity and negative responses in life. Kaldan offers crucial tips to stay positive by achieving inner peace, solace and physical fitness in her blog.

Here are a few tips to stay positive:

  1. For inner peace and solace
  • Eat healthy; take yoga and meditation classes; focus on healing
  • Maintain your spiritual health
  • Be thankful for the great life you’ve lived; no reason to question your existence
  • Bury the hatchet with all; make peace with your past; nurture existing relationships
  • Let go off hate. It’s too heavy a burden for your soul
  • Shout from the rooftop how much your loved one’s mean to you; give them a reason to smile
  • Spend time with at least a loved one a day – It helps ward off feelings of loneliness

2. For staying physically fit

  • Now is the time to keep yourself occupied with books, movies, TV and just about anything that has your heart; empty minds make the maximum noise
  • Mingle, meet, socialize with strangers; this could change your overall perspective towards life
  • Celebrate your life with strangers; they don’t know what your future beholds so they will never bat an eye when you do something out of the box
  • Visit a museum, go to a concert, join a dancing class, you now have time to do all the fun stuff you could not do earlier because you were busy at work

Let go off all your inhibitions because now is the time to be creative with whatever time you’re left with. Remember, you’re always more creative and satisfied when on the clock. Now that you have the time, raise a toast, throw a party or write a memoir about the majestic life you’ve lived. Reflect on your lessons, be proud of your struggles, cheer for your victories and be grateful for what you were blessed with through all these years. Life happens only once, you might as well celebrate it while you still have it. 

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