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What is Coaching?

What is coaching? | mind life skills

Let us Rediscover you

What is coaching?

Coaching guides you to unlock your potential and rediscover who you are to become. The aim of the coach is to motivate and improve your life.

 The essence of coaching is

Build a partnership between a coach and a client.

Guide the person to rediscover and become a better version of themselves.

Supports the person through a joined and planned process.

To clear the vision and intention so that the person can achieve their goals

 What kind of coaching are there?

There are different kinds of coaching

Life coach

Job coach

Relationship coach

Dating coach

Sport coach

Business coach

Speaking coach

Leadership coach

Executive coach

What is the distinction between coaching and counseling, mentoring, and therapy?

I want you to understand the distinction between coaching and other forms of help which are there.


When you are dissatisfied with your life and are looking for advice and guidance, then a counselor helps their client’s problem


A mentor can be a senior person in your workplace who has experience and knowledge or a person who is a sponsor or has professional experience and knowledge in their client’s field.


You go to a psychologist for a diagnosis for your treatment regarding your physical, emotional, mental pain or symptoms from your past problems in order to remove forward. You are there for a treatment that is done clinically by them.

 Who needs coaching?

If you want to improve your life and are committed, then you should hire a coach.

Most of us need a coach and as mentioned above there are different types of coaches as mentioned above. Most successful people have coaches from the president, athletes, and entertainers to a person seeking a job. Companies or business invest at coaches for their coo and executives, to help them increase their performance at work.

Here are ways how a coach can help you-

1.       Your goals

2.       Word power

3.       To focus

4.       To support you

5.       To reflect

6.       Self-awareness

7.       See and find your gaps

8.       Challenge

9.       Be responsible

10.   Improve your leadership