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Steps To Stop Workplace Bullying


Steps to Stop Workplace Bullying

Picture this situation:  you are the perfect candidate for that dream position you have always wanted.  You are salivating at the prospect of finally landing it.  However, in the end, the project manager completely looks you over and hires someone else who is not as qualified for the position.  Why?  Because the project manager hates you and doesn’t want you to advance in the company.  You have just been the victim of workplace bullying.  It happens in every business because they have become places where people from all over the world come to work.  The result is a lot of diversity in thinking which can sometimes cause conflict.  Here are the   steps you could have taken to have avoided being a workplace bullying victim.

But before we discuss these steps, let’s first discuss what workplace bullying is.  It is only called bullying in the United States and England.  In other places, it is called mobbing.  Workplace bullying is, “a whole range of negative behaviors instigated by either an individual or a group of individuals against another employee.”  Ouch!  This may sound unfair to you, and it is!  Workplace bullying includes a wide variety of
negative actions.  Physical assault, insulting remarks, emotional abuse, intimidation, aggression, and psychological or sexual harassment are all forms of workplace bullying.  While these actions are usually associated with workplace bullying, it doesn’t stop there.  It can also include isolation, shunning, or spreading false rumors to make you look bad in the office.

Well it turns out that you suffered badly from being looked over for the position.  You were very angry and suffered from a really bad case of depression as a result.  You had to see a counselor and you had to take anti-depressants as a result.   You even suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  You got angry and decided to quit the job you loved. Here in this case the VD, Hr manager or colleague should have
done something about it but everyone was scared to take any action against the person who mobbed.

Here are few steps –
These steps sound like blaming the person so not right-
It would be written like this

  • Awareness in the office about it.  You should have documented the bullying incident.
  • Implement your policy in action- by having an anti-mobbing day
  • Stress reduction class.  This would have alleviated, and prevented the health issues you suffered which resulted from the bullying incident.
  • All employees must talk about it.  You should have shown your documented evidence to your superiors and insisted that they raise awareness about workplace bullying among all employees.
  • The leader of the organization must be in these discussion done every 3 months as you don’t want the person suffering to continue feeling stress
  • Life coach come once in every 3 month and this service should be free to all employees in the company from a door man to the managers

All the above will help the company save millions. A happy employee makes a healthy company

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