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Happy Mothers Day blog by Kaldan doma
Happy Mothers Day blog by Kaldan doma


Dear mom,

On this mother’s day, you are not with me and I miss you so much. So, I decided to write to you and post it on the net so the energy of this letter goes everywhere in this world and beyond. I wish for everyone to feel and see the love you gave me. You taught me what I know since I was a little girl from being kind, generous to standing for myself and to having the courage to tell people when I was wrong. To stand up and say I was wrong, I am sorry.

Introduction to spiritual ways- When I thought you were crazy

Letting go of your ego and you will become a better version of you. I looked at you and said to myself what is she talking about. You never gave up on me even when I was lazy and angry with you. Instead, you taught me how to meditate and asked me to visualize how letting go of things in my life that I desire will free me and make me a happier person.

Motivated and Inspired me

As I grew older life put challenges on my path -from a broken heart to not getting great grades, you were always there encouraging me.

I remember you said to me Grades don’t tell anything about you as a person, this is just a phase and you don’t need the highest grades but you need to have a compassionate heart and rest will follow..I applied your advice whenever needed and the rest did follow. As the moment passed and life happened to me I am older, wiser and I know what you meant and taught me in such simple ways. I kept every advice of yours in my heart.

Relaxed and joy

We talked about the old times as we walked in the park, we laughed till we nearly peed on ourselves by remembering the days.

I am a mother now and now I know what it takes to be one. All your advice and your love have helped me raise my children the way you raised me and I am proud that you were my mother and I thank you for choosing me to be your daughter. I would not want anyone else than you.

thank you for everything

Happy Mother’s Day

With all the love

Your daughter