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10 Acts of Kindness

Kindness is something that when we receive, we automatically want to share. This ripple effect can help us spread the joys of kindness through our homes, communities, and country leaving us all feeling a little more united and cared for.

We have been told to be kind ever since we were children, but it is not something we have been shown how to do. Although there is a lot of emphasis on acting kindly, for many of us it is not something we think about consciously or practice deliberately. Through this article, you can learn how to translate your kind thoughts into kind actions.

Start with self-kindness: We can only give to others what we have within ourselves. If we do not remember to be kind to our own minds and bodies, we will not be able to recognize how to be kind to others. Be in tune with what your needs are, and practice saying something kind to yourself every day. When you practice this within yourself it becomes a whole lot easier to give the same compassion and kindness to others. 

Practice kindness at home: When we live with each other on an everyday basis we may forget to think and act kindly and considerately. To begin practicing kindness, start with small acts that you can do at home. Put technology away and make the time and space to talk and listen to each other. Listening, too, can be a great act of kindness! 

Treat your environment kindly: Our kind acts can go much further than each other. Be aware of all that you are receiving from the environment that you are in. Remember to treat the environment with kindness and respect and you will experience it to the same for yourself. Plant a tree, pick up the litter around your homes or compost at home, these small acts can go a long way.

Show kindness to other living beings: We have become so self-absorbed with our human existence that we forget about the millions of creatures that share this planet with us. Be aware of these other beings and treat them kindly. A small bowl of water near the gate of your home can be a big relief to thirsty birds and animals.

Make a kindness action plan: If you feel that you want to integrate kind acts into your everyday life, then take some time to sit and think about the ways that you would like to contribute. Thinking about our thoughts and intentions can help form a clearer idea of how we can practice kindness. Come up with a small plan of how you would like to practice kindness with yourself, your family, and your community. 

Spread kindness in your communities: As this lockdown has shown us, we all need each other. Our communities are more important than ever because we know that we would not be able to survive without each other. When something is valuable it must also be treated with care. During these times many have found ways to contribute to the community. These can be simple acts like choosing to buy locally or sharing food grains and goods with one another. Even very small acts can be a meaningful expression of kindness to someone else.

There are always opportunities to be kind: When we consciously practice kindness on a daily basis, we become more aware of the many opportunities there are to show kindness. We may think that we are too small to make a difference or that nothing we do can help, but this is not true! Even the smallest acts can be the start of something much larger. Look for spaces and ways in which you can show kindness and soon you will see that you have been able to make a much bigger difference in someone’s life than you had imagined.

Speak kind words: Sometimes we focus so much on our actions that we forget that we can also be kind with our words. What we feel on the inside must find an outward expression. Do not be afraid to say kind things to one another, there is nothing to lose and much to gain. If you think of something nice about another person, find an opportunity to express it to them. 

You are not what you have, you are what you give: Sometime we may think that our worth is tied to the things we own. When this happens we become more materialistic and lose touch with who we are. It is important to remember that people will not remember us for what we had but rather for the kind of person that we were. If you are someone who gives joy to others you will be seen as a joyful person irrespective of the things you own. 

Make kindness a lifestyle: To truly act kindles, we must make kindness part of our lifestyle. This means that we have to practice it every day. When we think, act, and speak kindly with ourselves and with others we will slowly start to see and experience its effects.

Kindness is perhaps one of the most healing emotions that we can experience. When we act and speak kindly we may not even realize the soothing effect that it can have on somebody else. If each of us truly committed to acting more kindly and less greedily, we can transform our broken systems to better, kinder ones. 

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