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How to Improve Creativity


As human beings we all have creative energies inside of us, waiting for us to rediscover our own inner powers by overcoming our limiting beliefs that we were programmed with. We have the ability to express our thoughts, feelings, and views on the world that we live in. Creativity is what has led humans to invent life-changing technology, thought-provoking art and innovative systems. If it wasn’t for our ability to think creatively we would never be able to achieve all that we have.

Many of us may be under the false impression that only a select few are creative people. We may think of ourselves as not being very creative or may want to improve on already existing creativity. Whatever be the case, this article will help you find your creative self and explore it to its full potential.

Here are 7 steps to improve your creativity:

Find your way of expression: Each of us has our own ways of expressing ourselves. When we think of being creative we usually think of art forms like drawing, painting, or dancing but we can be creative in many ways. Cooking, gardening, or even talking can be a creative expression. The first step is to identify how you channel your creativity. Try a wide variety of things and identify the form that brings you the most joy.

Do not judge yourself: When we think about being creative we often think that our work must be “good.” We may try our hand at something and find that it did not turn out the way that we wanted and so we stop immediately. It is important to not hold any judgment towards how you creatively express yourself. Let yourselves try anything and enjoy doing it and you will soon find that you think more creatively.

Be patient: Creativity is a skill that needs to be grown slowly and patiently. Give ideas time to form and give yourself time to turn them into reality. Creativity cannot be rushed, it takes time to form so be patient with the process and yourself.

Dedicate time: If you would like to improve your creativity, dedicate time in your day to engage in creative activities. If you find that you would like to write, then try to write a little every day. The more often you exercise the muscle of creativity, the stronger it gets!

Explore: Our creativity is fed when we look at other things that we find interesting or creative. Look up activities that interest you and explore how other people express their creativity. There is so much to learn and be inspired from.

Think outside the box: The most creative people are able to think of things from different angles and perspectives. This is a skill that can be practiced and learned. When you think of an idea that you would like to pursue, try to think of the different ways that it can be expressed. This skill is helpful not just in the creative process but will also sharpen your problem-solving abilities.

 Exercise: Yes, exercise – when you move your body you will notice how your thoughts start to follow and you unconsciously go into a relaxation flow which opens up and connect with your innate power of your creativity. Walking, running, jogging helps in your creativity and memory. Next time when you are stuck try this.

Each of us have our own ways of expressing ourselves creatively. Focus on how you feel and remember that we can be creative in more ways than we think! Enjoy the process of creating and use it as a space of self-expression. To know more about how to empower yourself join Kalden’s seminars, workshops or life coaching.