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Super Heroines and Heroes of Coronavirus Saving lives in the New Front Line

Super Heroines and Heroes of Coronavirus Saving lives in the New Front Line

There are new frontline and new superheroines and heroes who we haven’t paid much attention to and now it is time to put the light on them and thank them for existing for all of us.

We should declare a day for them. I took this date randomly14 MAY as C- heroine, and heroes. They all should be rewarded not just by increasing their salary, but a paid holiday for 2 months to all of them. I take this opportunity to thank them for saving and caring for Human beings. It is an honor that you all exist.

Over these last few months, we have experienced some of the most stressful and anxious times. The global pandemic that began to spread rapidly at the beginning of the year, has continued to wreak havoc and put millions of lives in danger. Although some of us have had the good fortune to continue from the isolation of our homes, there are many who go into battle with the invisible enemy every day. It is because of their dedicated work that we enjoy our safety and comfort.

Healthcare Workers

There are many who are putting their lives at risk to serve others, like medical professionals who care for those infected by the virus. As the number of cases continues to grow, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are under an enormous amount of pressure. Let us also not forget that behind every doctor, is a team of medical professionals and support staff who often go overlooked. Those who do back-breaking labor to ensure sanitary standards, those working the morgue, those ensuring the stock and handling of medical supplies, lab technicians, and other hospital staff are all doing their part.

Asha workers and ANMs are the medical professionals on the front line. They are the ones who educate the community and who do check-ups and community tracing at the grassroots. It is because of their work that we have been able to tackle the pandemic at multiple levels. Let us remember that our health care facilities are not just the large hospitals that we see in big cities, there are thousands of health care professionals putting their lives at risk all across the country and each one of them deserve our gratitude and support.

Sanitation Workers

Our sanitation workers have been working in some of the most horrific conditions during these last months. We as a country have a huge waste problem that has been building for many years. No proper monitoring of plastic use, no segregation at the household level, and with no concept of recycling, we get our waste out of our site and we do not care or know what happens to it.

During the times when sanitation and hygiene are of utmost importance, we leave it to our sanitation works to sort through and segregate our waste so that we can continue to consume! For too long we have passed on the responsibility of dealing with our waste, it is time for us to show our gratitude through our action.

It is not enough just to praise their efforts, we must take up the responsibility ourselves. Segregating your wet and dry waste is a great place to start. This allows the dry waste to be handled more hygienically and recycled or reused. In these times when we are using so many plastic bags, PPE gear, and face masks, we must ensure that we are disposing them properly and not just casting it aside without thinking of those who will have to segregate and handle this possibly infected waste.

Gig Economy Workers

Many of us cannot imagine living without the option of home delivery. However, behind every order that you place, there is a team of people putting their lives at risk to help meet your needs. These young men and women traverse the city to satisfy our cravings, meet our needs and fulfill our instant gratification desires. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are not playing loosely with their health and safety. Please be aware of what you order and how frequently. Try to get one large delivery instead of five small ones. Try to go without the things you do not need immediately. Be mindful of the actual people behind the products you receive. 

Local Businesses

At the very beginning of the pandemic, it was our local small shops that provided us with all our essential goods and services. Most of them were quick to implement social distancing rules and provided our groceries and daily needs. They opened their stores early, implemented guidelines, and really helped the community sustain itself. Now that online businesses are open and we can have the same items delivered to our door, let us not forget that these local businesses were what kept the community functioning. We must not turn away from them now but rather support them in any way that we can. If we support our local businesses we can all help each other on a local scale rather than giving our resources away to large cooperation with billions of dollars.

Voluntary Relief Workers

As we all well know, this pandemic has exposed many of our unequipped and broken structures. We have felt overwhelmed, helpless, and completely baffled as to how to handle the situation. During these times of great uncertainty, it was the most vulnerable section of the population that was affected the most. When our systems and governments were unable to foresee or deal with the urgency of the situation, it was the NGO’s and voluntary relief workers who put their lives at risk to provide support, food and basic hygiene kits to those who had no choice but to suffer through this dreadful situation.

In a time when we all feel helpless, but thanks to our heroines and heroes who help pull our communities together and give us hope. Let us not just shower them with hollow praise but let us do what we can to help them do their essential jobs. Let us be mindful of each other, thoughtful with our actions, and generous with our resources. We may not be able or willing to fight on the front line but there are plenty of ways that we can support those who do.

Ask your local government, politicians, and PM to give them as I said in the beginning

  • Paid leave for 2 months
  • Increase in their salary

We salute our heroine and heroes once again.

If anyone of you needs mental support just write your situation and questions. I will personally answer them.

Thank you from My Team and Me.

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