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How to Keep Passion Alive in a Relationship


Many of us are feeling the strain that this crisis is putting on our relationships. Some of us may be confined in our homes with the ones we love, while others may be forced to be separated from them. Either way, both these situations put unique stressors on our intimate relationships. It is important for us to recognize the care and attention that our relationships need to keep the passion alive. 

Here are some ways through which you can keep the passion alive in your relationships.

Make time for each other: Although we may be spending more time with our partners than before, being in the same space does not necessarily mean that we take time out for them. When we have been dealing with the difficulties of the COVID pandemic, we may forget to give our relationships the attention and care they need. Try to keep a few hours in the day just for you and your partner to reconnect.

Find your unique way to express care: We all have our own ways of showing the other that we care. Now that we have more limited resources and space, we may have to come up with our own unique ways to show care. If you can no longer buy flowers or chocolates, you could try your hand at making some beautiful paper flowers. Small, thoughtful gifts will not only express your care but can be a reminder of this journey that you both have been through.

Talk about the things that excite you: Be sure to keep the lines of communication open with your partner. Over time and distance, we may begin to take our relationships for granted. Be sure to always share with your partner the highs and low of your days and openly talk about what gives you joy.

Find a project to do together: Doing a project with your partner can be a great way to reignite the passion. Whether you are currently in the same space as your loved one or far away, finding an activity that you can both do together can be a fun way to share an experience. Paint some furniture, do some gardening or maybe even take a dance class online!

Take some time apart: Although this may seem counter-intuitive, taking some time apart is also a necessary ingredient to keeping passion alive. We all need a little alone time and when we do not get this we can project our frustrations onto our partner. Make sure to give each other some space when needed.

Cook together: Cooking together can be a great way to keep the passion alive in a relationship. Cooking and eating a meal together is one of the most intuitive ways that we show each other that we love and care for their wellbeing. Create new memories, share stories, and experiment with new foods as you bond together over some delicious food.

Keeping the passion alive is nothing more than openly showing your partner that you love them and want them around. When we feel wanted we automatically want to reciprocate the feeling and this helps both individuals feel seen and loved.

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