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5 Relationship Stressors


Every person desires a relationship filled with love, excitement, and passion. Even most relationships are filled with deep love, passion, and attraction in the beginning. But sometimes these beautiful feelings m change in lonely feelings, misunderstandings, and pain as time passes. Relationship stress is very common these days.

Stress comes in many forms without any signal of ending. Any kind of stress experienced by one or both the partners can negatively impact all the aspects of relationships. Personal, as well as outside stress, can interfere with effective communication, emotional connect and ability to manage the conflict in relationships.

To get rid of these stressors and to improve such relationships you need to identify and understand the relationship stressors that are negatively impacting your relationships. If you know these stressors only then you can manage and avoid the pitfalls in your relationships.

Today in this blog we are going to talk about 5 relationship stressors which you should know about to prevent and avoid problems in your relationships. 

Loss of attraction: 

Attraction plays a major role in a romantic relationship. You feel more connected to each other when you feel attracted by each other. When you feel more attracted to your partner it increases the intimacy between the partners. Intimacy makes a big difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship. When the attraction, the deeper connection, and the desire begins to wane due to any reason, your relationship also starts to fade. Loss of attraction is usually caused by emotional and psychological issues. Sometimes work stress, financial stress or any other kind of stress can lead to loss of attraction between partners.

Frustration and irritation:

You feel frustrated in a relationship when something about your partner bothers you but you do not talk about that. It may be like you want to talk but you can’t or you choose to repress your emotions and those emotions stack and make you feel irritated. When you want to talk about something to your partner but you can’t it makes you feel unresolved? As a result tension starts to rise to bring the toxicity in your relationship. This type of frustration and irritation arise due to lack of communication or we can say open communication. In that case you should always communicate openly with your partner to avoid the frustration. In a relationship both the partners should be able to talk about anything about each other openly. It helps prevent the entry of relationship stressors.

Loss of physical attraction or passion:


Frustration with your partner ultimately leads to the loss of physical passion and attraction. Yes that’s right when you are frustrated due to something most probably you will release that frustration on your partner. If you are not open enough with your partner you will be not able to experience the physical passion in your relationship. You can’t physically intimate with each other without an emotional and spiritual level connection. When you start feeling misunderstood, neglected, or critical of each other then you put up walls between you and your partner. It blocks the possibility of connection and passion and perpetuates the loss of intimacy. It can damage your relationship so both the partners should try to improve the physical passion and attraction in their relationship and not the stress and tension.

Loss of commitment:

Loss of physical attraction and passion in a relationship make you stressed and reduce your energy levels. You start feeling alone and neglected at your home and try to find your happiness somewhere outside your house. You may feel happy with others such as your friends and colleagues but not at home with your partner. When it happens, you don’t feel your partner attracted any more and lose your focus on your partner. It leads to loss of commitment to your partner where you are not focusing your energy and attention on your relationship. You start spending your time with others where you find happiness. It makes you forget your relationship commitments. When you start forgetting and not fulfilling your commitments, this is the beginning of the end of a relationship.

Not meeting each other’s needs:

When you are in a relationship it’s the responsibility of both the partners to fulfill each other’s desires. Not realizing and meeting the needs of your partner grows the feeling of incompatibility. The feeling of incompatibility in a relationship is dangerous for that relationship. When you start feeling that you and your partner are not compatible you feel that this relationship was a mistake and you can’t continue it like this. You may want to get rid of this relationship because one or both of you are not meeting each other’s needs and expectations.  It happened when you don’t make it a priority to understand each other in a heartfelt way. You don’t understand the true potential of your relationship until you take care of fundamentals and meet each other’s personal, emotional, and relationship needs.

Relationships are an important part of life and these are all about ups and downs. There can be so many reasons that can cause stress in relationships. But in spite of these stressors you should not forget your responsibilities for your relationship. Both partners should focus on their relationship maintaining the love, affection, and passion of their relationship.

The best ways to avoid these relationship stressors are to understand the reasons causing stress in your relationships and talk about these things. Talk about your expectations, needs, and desires, and share everything with your partner openly. Knowing and learning how to deal with relationship stressors can promote strong and happy relationships.

Every love relationship is beautiful and you should make it your priority to improve your relationship as time passes.

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