Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.


Women are always being underestimated all over the world. Their education, efforts, working efficiency, sufferings were never considered and appreciated by anyone. They were never given equal rights as men. Which is completely wrong and unethical. Women deserve equal rights and place as men in the world.

Women want and they deserve an equal future without any kind of violence, disgraces and stereotypes. They want an amicable and sustainable future for them and their daughters, with proportional rights and resources for all.  World has to consider women equally at every place where verdicts are being made.

Women are the ‘real stars’ in the battle against COVID-19. Most people may have not even given attention to the role women has played as leaders and decision makers during the pandemic. States governed by women around the sphere, have had considerably better covid19 results than the states overseen by men.

Women played substantial roles in struggling the COVID-19 pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic women stood at front line to fight against it as healthcare professionals including scientists, doctors, nurses and caregivers. When women drive, they mostly produce positive results. Still they are paid less than their male companions.

In the COVID-19 world, women are more liable to relinquish their jobs due to crisis. The pandemic will reduce the opportunities and heighten the poverty rate for women. The situation is going to expand the chasm between poor women and men.  A woman’s provisional basic income contribute to the economic safety and sovereignty that is integral for women.


The pandemic revealed the significance of women’s supervision in assuring and promoting the viewpoints of girls and women in all of their assortment. These are analyzed in pandemic acknowledgment, preparedness, formulation and execution of programs and policies in all phases and all spheres of COVID-19 pandemic response and healing.

World need to understand the assistance and leadership of women in answer to the pandemic. Women are stepping up towards the incomplete advancement in gender equality. They are using new information and creation to put themselves at the core of developing more endurable, inclusive and resilient economies to better withstand in front of the panics in future. 

International women’s day is a multinational day to commemorate the remarkable cultural, social, political and economic accomplishments of women. It is also a day to make a call to action for bolstering gender equality and expediting women empowerment all around the world.

So, ladies on this women’s day let’s applaud the tremendous accomplishments put by all girls and women all over the world. Let’s celebrate their active participation in recovery from the pandemic and forming a more equal future. Their leadership in all facets of life punches considerable advancement for everyone.

We all need to communicate and fight against  gender inequalities across the world. On this international women’s day, every woman around the world want an environment with gender equality and an equal future for them and their coming generations. Let’s come together and break down the obstacles that are clasping us back in attaining an equal future in covid19 world.

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