Why is eating organic fruits and vegetables good for your mind and body?


Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients which are good for your mind and body. Due to increased demand, many farmers use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to increase the yield. Such foods may cause depression, mood swings, irritability, hyperactivity and psychological disorders etc.

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown with natural fertilizers and other natural methods. The way of growing or raising fruits and vegetables has a great impact on your overall health. Organic fruits and vegetables are known to contain more beneficial nutrients than conventional fruits and vegetables.

Rich in nutrition

Organic fruits and vegetables are better in terms of nutrition. They contain more nutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins including iron, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin C. For example organic strawberries contain 30% more nutrients and antioxidants and organic tomatoes contain 50% higher vitamin C than conventional ones.

Contains fewer pesticides

Conventional farming use chemicals which may remain on the fruits and vegetables we eat. Organic farming doesn’t involve the use of chemicals so organic foods contain fewer pesticides. Eating organic foods reduce the amount of chemicals in your body contributing to healthy mind and body.

Organic is fresher

Organic fruits and vegetables are prepared by natural techniques and doesn’t contain preservatives to keep them longer. Mostly organic foods are grown on smaller farms and sold at nearby places so these are fresher. Organic food is harvested when rips properly  so it is fresher than conventional food.

GMO free

Organic foods are not modified genetically means these are not genetically engineered in nature. GMOs may cause gastrointestinal disorders, internal organic damage, slowed brain growth, thickening of digestive tract and other health related threats. You can avoid these health issues by eating organic foods.

Poison free

Organic farming does not involve any kind of dangerous or synthetic chemicals to prevent botanical pests and diseases. Organic farming is practiced by natural processes.  Thus, organic fruits and vegetables are free of poisons and health harming chemical substances.

Strengthens the immune system

Organic foods reduce the risks of decline in the strength of immune system because organic foods are not altered in any way. Organic foods are of high quality and have higher amounts of vitamins and minerals which help strengthen the immune system.

Rich in antioxidants

The major difference between organic and non organic foods is, that organic food is packed with natural properties due to higher levels of antioxidants. Organic fruits and vegetables can enhance your antioxidants intake by 30-40% that enhance immunity and wellness.

Promotes overall health

When you add organic foods to your  daily diet these contribute to a healthy lifestyle. These are rich in nutritious ingredients. Nutritious properties of organic foods help reduce the risk of chronic diseases that help maintain overall health and well being.

Good food sustains life so we need to eat pure and healthy. Organic fruits and vegetables are best option as these are pure, safe, more nutritious, protects against diseases, maintains healthy mind and body and environment friendly. So avoid conventionally produced foods and go for organic ones for healthy mind and body.

Kalden is concerned about your health so we suggest you to eat organic fruits and vegetables to promote healthy mind and body.

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