Why hand sanitizer with moisturizer is the best


Washing your hands repeatedly with soap or hand wash is essential but sometimes we don’t have soap and sometimes we feel lazy to wash our hands again and again. In such circumstances hand sanitizers flicker. Hand sanitizer is a must have item for all of us to keep the germs away when you don’t have soap and water.

We all carry hand sanitizers with us when we go out and even at home, especially in this Covid time. But the problem is, most sanitizers dry out our hands so we need the hand sanitizers which keep our hands germ free and hydrated at the same time.

Powerful hand sanitizers should comprise at least 60% alcohol. To get nicest moisturizing hand sanitizers, look for the ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera, tea tree oil and almond oil etc. as these are hydrating ingredients. 


Palmer’s hand sanitizer 

Image Credits- Amazon

Palmer’s is a brand that has been known for its moisturizers, so you can trust that it’s new hand sanitizer works incredibly to impede dry skin. It comes in spray form and includes vitamin E and soothing aloe which deter dryness. This hand sanitizer doesn’t comprise unpleasant ingredients like phthalates and parabens. It contains remarkable 75% alcohol formula and moisturising agents that remove germs and moisturise your hands.

Germ-X hand sanitizer

Image Credits- Amazon

Common moisturising ingredients found in hand sanitizers include aloe vera that calms skin, glycerine that connects water, vitamin E that provide moisturization and plant extracts which condition the skin. This moisturizing hand sanitizer contains various hydrating ingredients like glycerine, vitamin E and it has 62% ethyl alcohol formula to keep the germs away. 

Touchland power mist moisturizing hand sanitizer

Image Credits- Touchland

This hand sanitizer is developed with ingredients to make your skin happy. Touchland power mist is hydrating, none sticky, fast absorbing and lightly scented. It is cruelty free and vegan hand sanitizer. It destroys germs and softens your hands.

Hempz triple moisture herbal hand sanitizer

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It contain 63% alcohol and hydrate your hands well. Hempz herbal hand sanitizer actually work amazement as it keep your hands moisturised and soft. It disinfect your hands beautifully and help enhance moisture with fine pleasing fragrance.

Megababe squeaky clean hand sanitizer

It cleanses and condition your hands and comes in a pocket size bottle. It contain 62% ethyl alcohol along with citrusy scent of orange and bergamot.

Pipette hand sanitizer

Image Credits-Amazon

It has 65% plant originated ethyl alcohol and sugarcane emanated squalane. Pipette hand sanitizing gel kills germs and moistens your hands. It doesn’t enclose any fragrance and doesn’t leave your hands dry or sticky.

Clark’s botanicals hand sanitizer

Clark’s has dedicated all of it’s creation capacity to hand sanitizer. Just like the other skincare products of this brand, the hand sanitizer formula is cruelty free, gluten free and vegan. It’s strong on germs with it’s 71% ethyl alcohol content.

Honest hand sanitizer spray

Image Credits- Honest

This hand sanitizer destroy germs and also smells good. Honest hand sanitizer contain  62% ethyl alcohol. It dries rapidly and doesn’t feel sticky on your hands. This brand flatters itself for developing the products which are promising, are cruelty free and good for you. This spray is hypoallergenic. It’s aloe content and botanical extracts help keep the natural oils in your hands so doesn’t leave your hands dry.

These are the best moisturizing hand sanitizers. Try these productive hand sanitizers as they contain above 60% alcohol and these will not dehydrate your hands. These hand sanitizers kill germs and hydrate your hands leaving them soft. And most important, always carry your hand sanitizer with you.

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