What is Tibetan Divination (MO) and how many types are there?

Tibetan Divination

Divination is a system to know the present, past and future. Various cultures have various methods of divination all around the world. Tibetans use different systems of divination for thousands of years. When Buddhism started taking essence in Tibet, divination techniques were reflected in consonance with the Buddhist precepts of humanity and laws of karma to help beings.

Divination is conducted by a person by believing on the power conferred in him by a specific divinity. This power may be attained through a relation with the divinity in past life and bolstered through havens involving recitation of mantras for one million times, recognizing himself with the divinity with concentration and creation of holy pride.

Types of Tibetan divinations

There are different styles of Tibetan divinations. Have a look at various methods of Tibetan divinations and see which serves great for you and your potentials.

Dough ball divination

This type of divination is used to generate serious decisions like, to find reincarnation of extremely high lamas. This technique is rehearsed in monasteries by big lamas. They write the names of potential candidates on slips and incase inside the same sized balls. After that they keep these doughballs in the main temple for three days, in the midst of prayers and chanting. After three days a leading lama rolls these dough balls in a flat bowl until one falls out and the name inside that ball is the chosen one.


Dice divination

It is an old predictive technique which is assumed to be the voice of Manjushri (the Bodhisattva of wisdom). It uses a six sided dice with Tibetan letters on it. The dice is thrown twice after a meditation and prayer of Manjushri. You can select the category or questions related to that category, you want to look into. You will get clarifications and instructions regarding the pujas or procedures proposed and mantras or pictures referred to the instructions. 

Rosary or mala divination

It is presumably most famous type of divination. Tibetan mala divination makes you mindful about the chances that you will have in the future. You can also know about any trouble, forth in your way. It will help you to evolve more hopeful and you can design your personal and professional life according to that. For example if you are up to get a new project, get beads divination to know if the circumstances are profitable or not.

There are 2 varieties for beads counting. In the first edition beads are counted for 2 times and in second the beads are counted for three times. Imagine your question and invade the tenwa in both hands. Count the beads by threes shifting towards each hand. You will be left with one, two our three beads. The same method is recited again.

If one bead left that is positive showing success, and good luck. If two beads left that is negative showing misfortune, bad luck and illness. If three beads left that is ‘snow lion’, implying slow and lasting achievement and impersonal outcomes in business etc.

Tibetan divinations are supposed to be remarkably helpful and can answer the questions including common advice, business ventures, spiritual questions, life decisions, healthcare decisions, employment choices and relationship decisions. Tibetan divination system enables us to help ourselves see a predicament or occurrence apparently and it strengthens our practice of the path of Bodhisattva.

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