What Is Registered Licence Agreement


    Accordingly, the Tribunal found that the conclusion of a licensing agreement, since the taxpayer is a stable institution of a foreign corporation, shows that the taxpayer obtained an undue tax benefit by increasing its costs to the extent of the licence deduction. Are there any legal restrictions in your jurisdiction regarding the restrictions that a licensee may impose on users of its software in a licensing agreement? When the amendments are adopted and come into force, licensing agreements for exclusive trade, resale price maintenance, territorial and market sectors and other issues must be approved. Licensing for future intellectual property rights is indeed revolutionary, especially for the Russian jurisdiction. This means that the intellectual property that must be created in the future (owned) as well as intellectual property (for example. B trademark applications) may fall within the scope of licensing agreements that apply to Russia. Therefore, in such a case, the right to use intellectual property (for example. B trademark) is deemed to be granted from the date set by the parties to the licensing agreement, but not before the date of creation of the relevant intellectual property rights (for example. B trademark registration). Therefore, the relevant purpose of intellectual property must be individualized in such a way as to allow the parties to define the specific purpose of the intellectual property for which the contract is concluded between them. The legitimate user has the right to register, store and enter the Software for functional purposes, unless there is a contrary agreement. Legal use also has the right, through the exploitation of the law, to create a backup copy of the software for archival purposes and to leave only if the original copy has been lost, destroyed and out of order, although such a backup copy must be destroyed if the use of the software becomes more legitimate. In certain circumstances, the legitimate user may redevelop or decompile the acquired software; However, not all of these activities are at odds with the normal use of software in commerce and inappropriately affect the interests of the author or other rights holder. The restrictions applicable to the licensee can be implemented contractually, but must comply with the applicable legal provisions.

    It remains necessary to ensure that the parties and the mark in question are properly identified and that there is no contradiction between the rights granted, the goods or services for which the licence is granted, the owners mentioned in the trademark register and the alleged licensee. As far as patents are concerned, its owner, if there is no registration of patents in Russia, will not be able to grant the use of his invention for the benefit of a third party.