What are the best places to meditate?


Meditation is the best therapy for multiple health and life problems and you can mediate at any comfortable place. Most people meditate in their rooms but there are bunch of other options to meditate where you can spend excellence time realizing your own feelings, thoughts and desires.

People who meditate regularly, they may need a place to meditate where they can let their internal voyage roam free. If you are thinking to start meditation but don’t know where to initiate or you meditate regularly and  want to explore different locations to meditate, Try below mentioned places and ramp up your meditation sessions.

Here are the best places to meditate 

Separate meditation room

You can create a separate meditation room as it can be an incredible space to meditate. Choose a room that is less noisy. In order to renovate a room into your meditation room, you have to fix up that room and make sure it is tidy, clean and well organized. 

Keep some consoling lighting, incense and cleaning herbs to add up sacred vibes to your special meditation room. Use cozy and relaxed set up to promote deep meditation. Add up the things that motivates you.

Balcony or rooftop

If you can’t go out, you can use your balconies or rooftop for indoor meditation practice. Rooftops are safe, convenient and top spots for meditating. At the time of sunrise, you can practice silent meditation as it not just establish a sense of peacefulness and serenity but also boost the intake of vitamin D. You can also meditate at night to enjoy the peace.

Divine places


Meditating at holy places is an amazing idea. Ancient meditation practitioners used to  meditate at sacred places. Temples, Churches, Mosques and Gurdwaras whatever you prefer, these sacred spaces stimulate harmony and rumination. You can choose a holy place with the atmosphere of peace that is perfect fit for your meditation practice.

Garden or park

Nothing can hit the existence of mother nature. Parks and gardens are more ventilated with more oxygen and cool shades, what else you need. Greenery calms the eyes and feels like cheering you. Find a garden, dissipate your mat or you can sit on green grass as well and you are good to go. Such places are considerable to focus.

Near fountains, streams or rivers

Fountains and the ridges of streams and rivers are decent places for meditation as I told earlier, lap of nature is best place to meditate. The running water has a soothing sound, that suits for meditation very well. It comforts your mind and energizes it to stick to the present moment. 

Meditating near the running water allow your thoughts flow in your mind same as water, in a consecutive manner. Don’t judge, suspend or deny these thoughts. Let them come, accept and let them pass like a stream.

The best thing about meditation is that you can meditate anywhere but it’s better to avoid noisy or busiest areas because these can divert you. I have shared the best places to meditate where you can choose to sit and enjoy your meditation sessions. Explore these places to make your meditation practice a little more interesting and adventurous.

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