Tenancy Agreement Tv Licence


    So I decided to specify for the owners who is responsible for paying the TV license for their rental property. What is certain is that he did not include it to “legally force you to obtain a license.” This is only a standard model clause as a his-ass coverage statement to avoid any misunderstanding if some tenants claim they would cover it in the rent. In other words, “I thought the TV license was included in the rent. No one told me anything else! I just did it, and I had the similar response to /u/jpknz. I asked here because it was 10pm and I thought I could have an idea to talk to the real estate agency (they prepared the agreement on behalf of the owner). They replied, this is only the standard formulation (sic!) to ensure that the tv license is not paid by the owner. I advise you not to refer to the TV license. Think of them as the helmsman – you wouldn`t contact the helmsman to ask if they thought you had a certain tax, because they`re always wrong on the “yes” side, even if you don`t need it. You will receive independent advice or information to give you an unbiased look. Although there is no “TV licensing consultant” that you can consult, I can refer to the relevant laws if you wish. With respect to 2, the site states that “this license will also cover common areas”, i.e.

    probably if Tenant A has a licence and decides to tell in the common areas, Tenants B and C will be able to observe them. They only need their own license if they want to see their own plate in their own room. The good news for a landlord who may have a number of tenants in one rented apartment and where the tenant has signed a common lease is that; In this case, only one TV license is required for the entire rental property. Have you thought about just contacting the owner and telling them that you don`t use devices that need a TV license and see if they agree with that? I mean, it`s the easiest way forward. I am moving to a new location and in my new lease, a statement caught my attention: one way to circumvent the financial liability of the television license would be that the owner who provides a television must pay for the license but then pass the fee on to the tenant. They could do so in the form of higher rent or separate service charges, as well as any administrative costs associated with paying the TV licence.