Show Cause Notice For Rent Arrears – Tenancy Agreement


    A tenant must continue to pay his rent in full until the end of the lease and as long as all disputes continue. In the event of a dispute between the tenant and the landlord and which could not be resolved, a dispute may be referred to the RTB. If, in this case, a tenant withheld the payment of the rent, they would have to pay the rent again and wait for the dispute to be heard. As of August 2, 2020, rent increases may take effect for tenants who are not financially affected by COVID-19. You must follow the usual rental rules and review the rules inside and outside a rental pressure zone (RPZ). If your rent is increased, no return is allowed. As of August 1, 2020, landlords have a new responsibility to provide a copy of the 28-day written warning on rent arrears sent to the tenant at the RTB. During the warning, an owner must send a copy to the RTB as soon as possible. The 28-day period is taken into account from the date the tenant and the RTB received the warning, which is why landlords are invited to send both communications at the same time. A copy of the letter of formal notice must be emailed to the RTB at Supporting real difficult cases of Covid-19 should be a priority for the agency, property owners and managers, and negotiations on the terms of a reduction or payment period should be fair, fair and proportionate. Your standard procedure for rent arrears must be adapted to take into account the new legislation and the above forms and problems surrounding them.

    If the termination is motivated by one of the four reasons mentioned above, the expulsion may continue after the expiry of the corresponding notice period. If your landlord has challenged you a valid termination (also known as a notice of expulsion), the termination is stopped as long as these restrictions apply, and also for 10 days after the lifting of the restrictions, unless the termination takes place for the following reasons: If the tenant does not pay the rent arrears, does not respond to the notice of cause or cannot prove that his financial hardness is a consequence of COVID-19, the owner/administrator of the normal notice of repair of the infringement procedure may follow. Step 2: There is a new responsibility of landlords to give a copy of the rent arrears written warning to the RTB. The 28-day period begins from the date the tenant and the RTB received the written warning. The RTB prioritizes cases where there are rent arrears. A landlord can file a dispute with the RTB regarding rent arrears.