Settle A Disagreement Meaning


    With the realization that the pandemic will last several quarters, not months, CEOs need to re-examine how to advise their employees when they return to the office. The Audit Office should have sufficient information to reject or resolve the application immediately. The matter was settled outside the court for an unmentioned amount. be friends with someone again after an alternative dispute: a system such as mediation that allows parties to settle their case without going to court The insurance company refuses to settle the complaint. As companies have moved into this new normal, they have also looked inwards. Bridgewater, who was fighting the panel`s decision to pay the legal fees of the founders of Tekmerion, has meanwhile settled the case. Researchers generally agreed to repeatedly measure the rate of flow at several locations in the storm. She put the little boy on the next stool. I sat in a comfortable chair and waited. to try to put an end to a disagreement between two people or groups, which someone does to show that they want to stop arguing. The olive branch is often used as a sign, meaning that the Peace Railways helped colonize the West and build states on the other side of the Mississippi. Officially try to resolve a disagreement by making all the facts and opinions This figure represents the serious cut that players took to settle the lockout in 2011, when it was reduced by 57 percent.

    Meanwhile, Sir Philip Harclay saw fit to settle his worldly affairs. to put an end to a disagreement or an argument with someone by beating them, I take care of it in my chair and Jimbo put his hand on my shoulder to rest me. They do not intervene until mid-November and do not act until mid-November, when the dust has settled. Pressure is being put on the Supreme Court to deal with it once and for all. They form a daily currency with which we settle relations, but they also create doubt. I thought you completely forgot my $20 in the middle of the other important things you had to settle with me. His parents had come to America and settled in Boston. We will settle our differences once and for all.

    to decide to forget a disagreement or something unpleasant that has happened in the past You cannot hasten constructions like this; They must have time to settle down. I`ll settle for a sweater and a jacket and throw a tie in my briefcase, in case it turns out to be the prom. Adopt a policy, opinions or positions that challenge voters on the right and left, do something formally to end an argument or make someone less angry when a country that has fought for peace asks to end the fighting to prevent them from behaving completely or being defeated in a way that avoids the arguments and violence that are used to say that they let someone do what they want to do. , to try to behave completely or to happen, to say that they let someone do what he wants to try to behave completely or happen. Avoid an argument to make a deal or to end an argument with someone.