Sales Agreement Motorcycle


    In addition to the sales contract, other documents are required: the contract is signed by the seller and the buyer in the presence of witnesses. Subsequently, it should be stamped within 30 days (in the nearest national register). The best is to sell a clean and functional bike. Therefore, it must be inspected by a licensed mechanic and touched with visible, painted or licked rust. After washing the bike, it is best to grow any visible surface with a traditional wax. It would be wrong to simply fill out the form arbitrarily; If you miss important conditions, there may be disagreements between the parties. So it`s not enough to write about the sale of motorcycles. As of the date of the conclusion of the contract to buy and sell motorcycles, the 10-day countdown to the registration of the vehicle by the traffic police begins. In our motorcycle rental contract, we provide an insurance policy to the seller in case of loss or deterioration of the bike and outstanding money. The seller must demand proof from the police.

    Prepare against a tax the necessary documents to complete, namely the passport of the seller and the buyer as well as the specific PTS for the motorcycle (passport vehicle). Then we offer step-by-step instructions to complete: the acceptance certificate serves as an important annex to the agreement. For such an agreement, the usual written form is defined. This means that you can enter into an agreement yourself, and certification is not required. 16.5 No release, leniency, omission, waiver, exemption or concession granted to the purchaser, and no delay or omission in the performance or exercise of the seller`s right under the contract affects the seller`s rights under this Agreement. This agreement sets out the terms of sale of the motorcycle in accordance with the requirements of the Property Sale Act, Cape 31, The Law of Contract Act, Cape 23 and the Traffic Act, Cape 403. 14.5 The buyer keeps the bike free of other pawn or security rights and immediately pays all legal fees. This form serves as a legal record of the sale, gift or transaction of a motorcycle.

    It also contains valuable information that can be used to keep a detailed history of the vehicle for prospective buyers. Some states and territories may require a notarized motorcycle sales bill before they even begin the paperwork on the title transfer (which they also need as official owners of the bike). At the time of the sale, the purchaser must have the fund in his possession in the form of a certified cheque, instruction or cashier, unless the parties have agreed to make a transfer. The seller must enter the title of the motorcycle, registration, and buyer and seller must enter the details into the sales invoice. The best way to find out how much a motorcycle is worth is by looking for similar bikes that are for sale near you and compare or using a price stimulator that can be found online. Beyond the best estimate is the Kelley Blue Book (, although it is always recommended to use all available appraisers in addition to checking your local market. 14.6 The buyer undertakes not to sell, sell or transfer the rights to the bike without the Seller`s prior written consent until all funds in this contract are paid. Proper documentation of the sale of your motorcycle is essential to prove ownership and establish proof of the purchase price set for tax purposes.