Relearn to create a gratitude mindset


A gratitude mindset enables you to concentrate on the endless opportunities available in your life.  When you feel thankful and appreciate what you have, you eventually focus on the positive things in your life instead of the negative ones. Let’s take an example of a story.

Once there was a blind boy sitting in front  of a building with a hat and a sign ‘I am blind, please help me’. There were just a few coins in his hat. A man crossing in front of the boy dropped some coins in his hat. Then he took the sign and wrote something and put it back in the boy’s hand.  The hat begin to fill up with coins soon and more people were giving money to that blind boy.  Same man came to the boy after some time. The boy recognized his footsteps and asked him ‘you are the same who changed my sign? What you wrote?’ man said, I wrote the truth in a different way “ Today is a glorious day and I can’t see it”.  It reminded the people who saw the blind boy that they are grateful because they can see.

A gratitude mindset helps you reflect appreciation for what you have. Creating gratitude mindset changes your focus from yourself to others. Gratitude makes you feel thankful for everything rather than always desiring more. It help you feel more self confident and happier.

Here are some ways to relearn to create a gratitude mindset

Focus at your positives progress

You should focus on your improvements and progress. Every step is a cause of appreciation and gratitude. When you develop an appreciation attitude you enjoy the progress you make. It assures your positive mindset towards your accomplishments and success. 

Do an act of kindness everyday

Practice kindness everyday, this is a wonderful way to create a gratitude mindset. Listen to others, help people if you can. Show love and affection to the needy people. It will give you inner happiness and peace and the feeling of gratitude.

Avoid negative media and other content

Avoid listening to destructive news or any other negative content because such content originates negative feelings. Negativity can not let you create a gratitude mindset. So it’s better to stay away or avoid negative content as much as you can.

Spend quality time with your loved ones


Spending some time with the people who love you or whom you love make you feel how lucky you are. You appreciate yourself for having them and show gratitude to them for the love and happiness they give you. 

Be thankful for what you have

Be happy with what you have and be thankful for that. You have everything you need and you are good enough. This feeling is must to create a gratitude mindset. When you begin to appreciate what you have and how you are, you develop a gratitude mindset.

Express gratitude to others

Thank everyone who serves you in any ways. Express appreciation when someone does anything for you. Praise others for their qualities and compliment them for their strengths. Such small tokens of appreciation can help you a long way.

Appreciate yourself too

You also deserve appreciation. Don’t wait for others to praise you or tell you how you are doing, praise yourself and admire yourself for what you are doing. Acknowledge your strengths and be grateful for them.

Practicing gratitude enhances your feelings of happiness, satisfaction and improve overall well being. Being grateful makes you more compassionate, helpful and builds strong relationships. It’s easier to develop a gratitude mindset than you think. Relearn to create a gratitude mindset with above mentioned ways and live a happy and satisfactory life.

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