How to use kindness towards yourself instead of criticism


Self kindness or self compassion is treating yourself as empathetically as you treat your loved ones. Usually when we face failure and challenges in life, we begin to criticize ourselves. We become harsh with ourselves and start blaming ourselves for everything bad happening with us.

When you use kindness towards yourself instead of criticism, you realize that experiencing failures or challenges and being imperfect is part of life. So when you  meet painful Experiences, you become soft with yourself instead of blaming yourself and you speak kindly to yourself.

These are some amazing ways to use kindness towards yourself instead of criticism

Accept yourself

Endorse yourself for what you are. Sometimes you are right, sometimes wrong, sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail, you have strengths and you have weaknesses. You have both positive and negative qualities. Appreciate your perfections and accept your flaws.

Believe yourself

Using kindness towards yourself means desiring the best for yourself and to get the best, you need to believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities and yourself. Think of yourself and believe yourself.

Don’t try to be perfect

When you set the precepts of perfections for yourself, you begin to match those standards, when you fail, you blame yourself and self criticism begins. Perfection is unachievable, nobody is perfect in this world. Instead of setting and following the standards of perfection, aim to improve yourself step by step.

Develop your inner lawyer

Just like the inner critic, inner lawyer is the inner voice that protects you when your inner critic judge you and put down. When your critic begin to disdain and humiliate, your inner critic will debate on your behalf. Use kindness towards yourself by developing your inner lawyer.

Exempt yourself


We all make mistakes. Maybe you have done some mistakes in the past, you failed to stand up for yourself, you got upset and missed a big opportunity or anything. Such things make you criticise yourself but you have to be kind to yourself. Don’t blame yourself, decide to do better for the next time and forgive yourself.

Honour yourself

Self respect is esteeming yourself for what you are and not enabling others to decide your value. Simply trust yourself, think of yourself, form your own opinions, make your own decisions and most importantly, stop comparing yourself to others. Use kindness towards yourself by deeply appreciating yourself.

Self talk

There are hard times in everybody’s life, when we feel that we are not smart enough, not good looking, not good figured or not strong enough to get what we desire. Stop thinking like that and replace it with positive self talk. Talk to yourself and tell yourself that ‘ I am worthy, I am good enough, I deserve to be happy, I deserve all I want’.

Self care

The best way to use kindness towards yourself instead of criticism is to take good care of yourself. Eat well, get sufficient sleep, do exercise regularly, be well groomed, get body massage or scalp massage, release your stress and look after your appearance to soothe yourself. Cultivate some time for your hobbies. 

You are the only person who is always going to be in relationship with yourself so it’s much important to be a good companion to yourself. Try these simple tips to use kindness towards yourself instead criticism because self criticism can ruin your happiness and entire life. Be kind to yourself if you want to live best life.

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