How do you know you are a psychic?


There are few people who are endowed to have additional sensory intuition that enable them to see, hear or feel the information which is secreted to normal human senses. Such individuals are often referred to as psychics. When people experience psychic experiences, they often look for reassurance or affirmation. 

Following are the indications to know that you are a psychic. Take a read and you may realize something new about yourself.

Intense gut feeling

Intuitions or gut feeling is an unusual thing happening to humans. It can help you be careful by cautioning against special energies or people that you need to stay away from. Acknowledge and trust your intentions or gut responses, especially when it comes to situations or people.

Striking visions

Realistic visions are another sign that you may have psychic abilities. Such visions may seem to be intense, ominous, very strong or just a sheer flash in your mind. But these visions come true in actual life just like your intuitions. 

Striking visions can occur anytime, maybe when you are alone, in public or even visiting a location or historic place that is unknown to you. You may ignore such visions in certainty but if it occurs that means you are a psychic with unique powers.

Realistic dreams

Striking dreams also reveal your psychic abilities. These dreams can be regular or limited but these are awfully striking. Even, your dreams may include spirits with a specific message. You may experience the spirits visitation in your dreams as ghost visits. 

Spiritual energies and ghosts are more interested in the energies possessed by a psychic person.  When a spirit is near, you may overlook a full vision of simply feeling unusual. You need to pay more scrutiny to what you see, hear and touch in your dreams and actuality.

Feeling strong emotions

Sometimes you may feel like weeping intensely and greatly sad but you don’t know why you are feeling like this and where these feelings are coming from. And after that you get some bad news. If such a scenario occurs too many times, that means you have psychic abilities. 

If you feel what others feel so hard, that your energy is depleted afterwards, it is an evidence that you are an empathy. You can use this potential to help others with kindness. The best you can do to handle it well is to understand more about your feelings and how the feelings of others influence you.

Noticing colors and lights around others

If you are a psychic, you may frequently see a certain color or specific ray of light encompassing other people. This embodiment shows that you have special aptitudes. Pops of colors and glares of light are the hints that there is a spirit near that being and you can observe them.  You can see them because they may be attempting to communicate with you.

Future predictions

Clairvoyance or future prediction is the ability possessed by psychics.  You may have sense to detect the future events which haven’t occurred yet. If it happens many times then you are a blessed soul with psychic energies.

If you experience above mentioned whiffs then you may have psychic abilities. To find out that you are a psychic you need to pay attention to your feelings and visions. If you feel that you are a psychic, acknowledge your abilities and trust them. You can help other people with these unique superiorities.

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