5 habits that you need to let go that makes you judge yourself


Self judgment is a type of self vitriol. Most of us are not aware of self judgmental behavior. At some point of our life, what others did to us or said to us make us question our self worth or self value. In other words, at some point of life we start judging ourselves due to others.

Maybe some children intimidated you in school, maybe your parents, siblings, teachers or classmates judged you and condemned you for some reason. Being judged by others sometimes makes you judge and castigate yourself for giving a reason to them to judge yourself or for not being enough.

Whatever the reason or habits are there, which make you judge yourself, you can let go of them to avoid self judgement. Letting go of such self judgmental habits allow you to adore and love yourself graciously and improves your entire life quality.

Below I have mentioned 5 habits that you need to let go to avoid self judgement

Judging others

Judging others is the beginning of judging ourselves. If we have the habit of judging others on the basis of our racisms and preconceived ideas, that means we have greater proficiency to judge ourselves with much harsher outcomes. Let go of this habit and motivate yourself not to judge others.

Self criticism and overthinking

We usually criticize ourselves for lack of achievement, poor performance and failures in life. We start to blame ourselves for all bad things happening in our lives. Self blaming and self criticism makes us overthink. Overthinking is a self made tangle for everybody particularly for sensitive people. Self blaming and overthinking results in self judgement.

Ruminating past mistakes

We all make mistakes but sometimes we ruminate our past mistakes endlessly. We conclude that adequate self punishment will encourage us to not make the same mistakes ever in future. The best way to deal with your past mistakes is, accept your mistake, try not to repeat, dust yourself off, move forward and love yourself for your flaws.

Fear and insecurities

Fear and insecurity are life spoilers. When you are afraid of what others think about you, it makes you to judge yourself unreasonably.  You are more vulnerable to do this when feeling down or you have low confidence. Our fears and insecurities make us judge others and ourselves too. When you are insecure, you want to feel happy and do anything to let others down.

Self doubt

When you have emotions of self doubt about your potentials, this thinking can influence all aspects of your life such as dreams, career, friendships and relationships. Self doubt not only makes you judge yourself but it also prevents you from getting what you want in your life and reaching your goals.

It’s not always simple to be modest to yourself but it is vital for a happy  and successful life. If you want to avoid the habits that make you judge yourself you have to be more mindful and powerful to discard the emotional pressure. Learn to accept the things positively. Stop judging others and allow yourself to flicker. 

In this blog kalden wants you to be aware off the habits that make you judge yourself. By letting go off these habits you can boost your confidence and live a happy life.

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